72 Hours Fijian Jungle Date Changed to 19 July 2013

72 Hours Fijian Jungle update!

72 hours fiji hurricane rita

Season 1 Episode 7 of 72 Hours Fijian Jungle has switched dates. Since the show has been shifted to Fridays, all episodes after the 4th of July have been shifted to the left one week.

That means, although I’ve been promoting watching my episode on the 26th, it will not be on that day.

You can watch Hurricane Rita on

72 Hours Fijian Jungle on the 19th of July at 10PM

That’s not only the date of the show, but also the 7 month anniversary of my release from the Phoenix VA Hospital after a 6 week battle against rat lungworm, from a slug I consumed while filming. Don’t worry, I didn’t get sick until I returned to the states!

So watch 3 teams of 3 strangers get dropped from a helicopter into the jungles of the South Pacific with only the clothes on their backs and a bottle of water each (until they call in a relief drop which also penalizes the team an hour of time).

Rivers, mountains, helicopters, strangers…I mean really…

That day will not just be the showing date, but also simply a day to celebrate life.

Enjoy, and remember to smile…Life is a gift. Aside of sustaining it and finding love…what else is there?

Go Red Team! 😀

72 hours fijian Jungle red team


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One Response to 72 Hours Fijian Jungle Date Changed to 19 July 2013

  1. Jen Shaffer August 3, 2013 at 8:16 PM #


    I finally was able to stay awake through your episode… WOW! Your gentleman partner (Michael) REALLY should have kept his mouth shut and let you ladies lead the way… I was astonished YOU were getting bad mouthed for falling out of the raft when it was so obvious your spill wasn’t your fault… You were the only one trying to push the raft away from the rock wall… IF you would’ve had some help, you wouldn’t had to lean out as far as you did… BUT, I guess that just goes to show the ignorance of those who haven’t had the experience you have had in a raft…

    I knew you were sick months ago, but never put two and two together… I had been keeping you in my prayers… I didn’t realize your part had been taped so long ago… I guess I should have realized that with it being television and all… I am just glad you are doing so much better now… I really wish I could make the trip to Annville to meet you in person… Especially still have that strong feeling we are distant cousins on my great great grandfather’s side… Remember that conversation we had via Facebook when I was seeking family on the Maldonado side?

    Anyway, I am glad you are better… Even though the blue team won, y’all still kicked butt!!! Keep on keeping on!!! You are strong!!! and an inspiration for anyone!!! I am Proud of you!!!



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