72 Hours Season 1 Episode 3 Review

A friend of mine recommended I write reviews on each episode of 72 Hours. I thought about her decision, but as I began watching the Maui Sunset Hurricane Rita Episode 3 reviewshow, I honestly wasn’t moved to write a damn thing, until today. Today I felt as if I might dedicate some time to write a 72 Hours Season 1, Episode 3 Review.

Awesome. Episode.

So yes, I’ll review it. Feel welcome to agree, disagree, write your own, or just plain comment on whatever below.

Here’s my Season 1 Episode 3 Review.

“Lana’i, Hawaii” – Thursday, June 20, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT)

Dropped off in the exotic but treacherous Hawaiian island of Lana’i, three teams composed of three strangers must navigate their way through awesome terrain to locate a briefcase full of cash in 72 hours. All they have to accompany them in their quest for $100,000 are their teammates, the clothes on their backs, a GPS and one bottle of water (PER PERSON!!!!!)


Aimee, 24, model, North Pole, Alaska
Matt, 22, body builder, Middleton, Mass.
Rebecca, 35, attorney, O’Fallon, Ill.

Jasamina, 26, personal trainer, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Andrew, 22, waiter, St. Louis, Mo.
Mike, 27, conservative radio host, Syracuse, N.Y.

Jordan, 21, extreme sports promoter, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.
Jason, 41. retired prison guard, Pismo Beach, Calif.
Davina, 31, valet, Great Falls, Va.

First, let’s discuss the most obvious point.

WHAT THE FUCK, Jordan? a 21-year-old EXTREME SPORTS PROMOTER who voluntarily quit?  Wait…that sentence isn’t finished…. voluntarily quit what seemed to be a decently EXTREME SPORT AFTER Jason showed you how it was done by getting his thumb stitched and returning to the game ready to rock? Wait…that sentence might not be finished either.  AFTER Jason showed you how it was done by getting his thumb stitched and returning to the game ready to rock, AAAANNNNDDDD you found out that you were THAT close to the LEAD??!!!!???!!!!?!?!?!?!

THEN…you have the ENERGY to come at Jason because he pushed you with a yoga mat? You weren’t THAT tired, kiddo. Maybe the children who forgot work ethic and perseverance shouldn’t apply to play in an adult sport.

Man…quitting… whew.

Watch episode 7, bro… watch it.

Seriously. Not joking.

Watch. It.

Your body can ALWAYS handle more than your mind.

Learn that lesson now, while you’re still young and…weaker than…average.

Next issue at hand.

Jasamina, breaking your weakest link was a very not intelligent move. Proving that you’re tougher as a female personal trainer than a waiter and a conservative radio host that both happen to be men? Not worth dehydrating them to that extent. You got into a pee pee measuring contest with men who never broke theirs out to measure. You were strong enough to carry things for them. You should have stepped up and done something to aid other than tell them to buck up.  I got to be honest. I would never recommend you as a personal trainer (not that you need my recommendation), now having seen you completely ignore signs of dehydration until they became serious.

Andrew and Mike….nice work keeping up and working through what had to seriously be Hell for you.

Lastly. Red Team.

My first thought was….

Oh…ouch…muscle head is going to need food. THANK SCIENCE there was a MOTHER on that team!!!!!  Good call with the early relief. Feed the man. Take care of your weakest link. Bravo. P.S. Meat head….team of 3 chicks, check it out: Episode 7, 26 July! 😀

Aimee, awesome energy. I wanted you guys to win from the very beginning, when I saw an Alaskan girl out there.  I doubted it a bit when I saw you were a model, but that was my fault for the judgement.  Great job finishing strong, and beautiful work, Rebecca, at being the glue that kept this team functioning!

You guys deserved that! Nicely done!

This week’s episode of 72 Hours was great! I’ve heard they get better and better as the season progresses!!!!!!!!! 😉



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