72 Hours Season 1 Episode 4 Review

Here it is: My episode 4 review on TNT’s Adventure race, 72 Hours.

“Flinders Island, Tasmania” – Friday, June 28, at 10:15 p.m. (ET/PT)

Dropped off on a remote Tasmanian island, three teams composed of three strangers must navigate their way through jagged beaches, hazardous brush covered mountains and swamp-like lagoons while enduring freezing rains and strong winds in order to locate a briefcase full of cash in just 72 hours. All they have to accompany them in their quest for $100,000 are their teammates, the clothes on their backs, a GPS and one bottle of water


David, 27, attorney, Los Angeles, Calif.
Eric, 35, chef, Little Elm, Texas
Lache, 32, track coach, Oakland, Calif.


Gil, 25, warehouse supervisor, Miami, Fla.
Lauren, 27, full-time mom, Clarksville, Tenn.
Van, 56, personal trainer, Saint Ann, Mo.


Valeria, 23, dental office manager, San Diego, Calif.
Claude, 46, owner of pest-control company, Houston, Texas
Palar, 22, waitress, Spokane, Wash.

All in all EXCELLENT show! Definitely a “Holy shit! THAT. JUST. HAPPENED!” type show. Two teams opted out after the weather takes a turn for the worst, then the remaining team is split into three individual every man for himself/ woman for herself to take the entire purse, $100,000.  The team everyone wanted to win; the great friends, racing to the finish after the cancer surviving army wife calls it quits for the blue team after a freezing swim that resulted in hypothermia, and Eric calls it quits for the red team after hearing his teammate’s mouth the ENTIRE RACE. Wow!

My thoughts…remember, you may agree, disagree…whatever.

Let’s discuss Blue Team first.

Lauren, incredible story. Incredible character. Being an 8.5 year vet, I appreciate the recognition you gained for your husband’s hardships. You have a definite grasp on what is important in life and what genuinely isn’t. I was stoked to see you out there, and rooting for you the entire way!

Gil, holy crap I remember you from LA!!! Sorry you guys had to drop out. Hind sight’s 20/20 huh.  Making sure the dry bag is properly packed and sealed before attempting to cross the cold ass water? Probably a good idea. Your team totally could have handled the sand.  The short cut’s not always the best way…especially if it involves swimming in cold water on a cold day.  Not that you’ll ever drop yourself into the wilderness again with a team of strangers, but maybe looking at body types before pulling a stunt like that might help next time.  She didn’t have NEARLY the body fat that you and Van had or still have. 🙂 Why didn’t you call for a relief drop before Lauren felt it necessary to quit?

Van, nice fire the first night. Good idea on the shelter and the fire to warm the girl up. Maybe without the yelling, Gil would have been much more realistic and compliant about the situation. The yelling and waving of the knife…good TV stunt.  Same question, why not call for a relief drop instead of dropping out?

Red Team

First off, Lache, YOU lost this for your team NOT Eric. I knew it would happen just that way for your team as soon as I heard you call him a “big fool” in the beginning. You are THIRTY years old AND a track coach!!! Isn’t it about time to learn that negative motivation doesn’t incite positivity? You had a big boy on your team, as it was an endurance race, sure…he was your weakest link, but do you try to break the weakest link on your track team? You should know by now you are only as strong as your weakest link! You know the man’s not built like you…so you criticize him? Really? Did your mother teach you to do that as a child or did you learn that from TV?  Grow up, girlie. There’s no power in control, only in love and compassion. I’m disgusted with your behavior. I hope you don’t coach children with your attitude.

Eric, good effort. Not a soul in the house I was in while watching blamed you for a damn thing (Not that it matters to you if we judged you or not….). We were honestly laughing as the little guys shivered and you stood strong. Big men are warm. I saw your worth and potential. True words: All attitude. No substance.


David, I have something for you to read on Passive Aggression. Just say what you mean. Period. A man that size needs food and consideration in a race like this! Nice choice when it came down to it. Lache was not the person you should have saddled up next to at the beginning. Of course you know that by now.

Lastly, green team.

Ummm. Claude, holy crap, we loved you! Loved your energy, spirit, attitude, and perspective! We enjoyed your humor and silliness. Great job! The choice to continue on with Valeria…Bravo. Hand in hand, you’d finish.

Awesome!!! Favorite quotes:

I don’t care if it’s a can of cat shit, I’ll eat it!”

“72 Hours has made me happier than a hooker with a pair of red pups on and a set of new teeth!” HA! Hilarious!

Palari, Great job! Way to turn up the heat after calling in a relief with the words, “We don’t know what to do.” I was concerned about you at that moment. Glad you shone through. Acknowledging that without your team, it would have been much closer to impossible for you, was real. I was a little bummed you got split up, but we were cheering the whole way! Best of luck to you and your mother! You won!

That’s all, folks! I hear next week is even more intense!!! I’ll be watching!

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