A Lesson on Healing

On the 27th of April, Barefoot Wellness Studio had an open house including:

Chair massage
Angel Readings
Acupuncture Mini Sessions
Chiropractic Free Adjustments
Coral Casting Readings
Healing Center (Energy Work)
Intro to Yoga
Live Music 
It ran from 10:00 – 2:00.
However, that day I also taught a Zumba class from 10:30-11:30, then drove out to the open house with John. We made it for the last hour or so, but all of the appointments for the free healing had been booked by the time we got there. We figured there would be a chance of it happening, but wanted to experience some like minded folks anyway.
As we were touring around the cozy house turned healing center, we were introduced to Mickey Wesler, a woman trained in many forms of metaphysical healing techniques.  She was in the middle of having a discussion, seated on the floor with 5 or 6 others, about gluten sensitivity, blood types, and Celiac.
I was immediately interested in both her and her circle of friends.
When John and I finished the tour, I asked to return to that discussion, simply to meet the people who were having it.
Strangers are just friends I haven’t met yet.”
We joined the circle, and were welcomed openly.
I made friends that day.
There was an energy that I couldn’t ignore pouring from Amber Nightingale, a Reiki Practitioner in Elizabethtown, and from Mickey herself.  I listened, fascinated by the positivity of the moment. Everything felt right. It was shortly discovered that Amber and Mickey both were born on the 26th of August.

Two other members of the circle had birthdays on the 13th of a month and were 26 years old. I thought that last connection might have been a bit of a stretch, but I let it sway me anyway. It sealed the deal.

I was exactly where I should have been with the man of my reality and my new friends.

After the group cleared out, John and I enjoyed chatting with Mickey about everything from bird watching and gardening to working on Wall Street. We exchanged information, and she left us with this tidbit:

Everyday you get to choose your family. YOU choose.

It was an interesting time to hear those words, knowing my mother gave up custody to begin with, my father killed himself in August the same day I found out about making it on 72 Hours, I almost died in October, my step mom decided to sell the house and move to Maui to be with her daughter, my siblings are strewn across the United States, my aunts, cousins, and grandma are just hours away, but I barely see them…

So the timing was perfect and profound. The truth is, from the time my dad sat me down the first time at 6 and told me the story of my childhood to when my folks dropped me off in International Cluster, Student Home Gibraltar at Milton Hershey School, I’ve been picking and choosing my family.

Don’t we all do that?

I’ve got brothers and sisters from the Milt. Parental figures from the Milt, the Army, and my adventures. I’ve been choosing my family for a long time.

That fateful day we chose her to be a member of our family.

This past Saturday we linked back up with Mickey at Betsy’s Bakery (Most AMAZING gluten free spot in the area!!!) for lunch. She surprised us with a reading she did for us along with a written copy of the Healing Stone Companions she chose for us, plus the stones.

The most interesting part of it all…

She had to do a joined reading because she could not separate my soul from John’s nor his from mine.

Aurita-Maldonado John-Binger healingSee our reading HERE. 🙂

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