Absolute Rapture – Masala Bhangra in Hana

My first Masala Bhangra Class in Hana was perfect.

Picture this:

The studio is a building the size of a double wide trailer, the roof leaks, the paint’s chipping off the warped walls, the screen on the back door is ripped, though the wooden floors are in good shape and the wall of mirrors is intact.  The doors are open, the air is humid, the fans are running, men and women are smiling, laughing, sweating profusely, and practicing their “Come hither” sultry looks, all while dancing to the elevating sound of the Dolbi.

I’m completely in Hurricane mode.

Those of you who have had me as a dance instructor or river guide know what I’m talking about; the excitement of the moment takes over and my energy sky rockets. My hair gets so sweaty it sticks to my face, my eyes come alive, and I feel like I could jump to the moon.

And I smile.


So hard my cheeks ache.

That’s what she said… 😀

I’m doing what I love the most in this world in one of the most pristine locations in the Universe: moving, sweating, dancing, being silly, and sharing energy after a quiet afternoon relaxing on Red Sands Beach in Heavenly Hana where I dedicate 14 hours a week to picking exotic flowers and pohole ferns sided by side with the love of my life in exchange for a private cabin overlooking the ocean on a self-sustaining organic farm.

Everyone in the room is trying something they’d never tried before: openly dancing choreography for a Bollywood performance in front of several other people, making silly faces, and getting a workout at the same time.

Everyone is smiling.

Everyone is involved.

No one is still worried about being judged.

No one is making ugly faces and judging others.

Everyone has let go of the social stigma, and embraced the moment.

Everyone is actively sharing Social Senselessness.

I belt out an energetic, “Balle Balle!!!!”

They respond, “BALLE BALLE!!!!”

I glance in the mirror and catch John’s steady gaze. He was watching me with a look of intense surprise and radiating the beaming light that reaches out to the world from a satisfied soul.  His eyes were glowing just like mine.

He was giving me a special come hither look of his own.

Everything I love most in life combined into a single moment of absolute rapture…Can you picture it?

In my first Masala Bhangra class in Hana, I got to relive the excitement of every dance class I’ve ever taught. I felt infused with a surge of energy from my connection with the authentic people in my life; my previous students, friends, family. I was buzzing with electricity simply because they exist.

The Universe told me through my ecstatic state of being that I’m doing the right things for me.

My questions to you are:

Are you doing the right things for you?

What do you feel inside that makes you certain they’re right?


How can you do them more often. 😀

Live, laugh, love, dance, and remember, tomorrow’s not guaranteed.

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2 Responses to Absolute Rapture – Masala Bhangra in Hana

  1. Lisa November 5, 2013 at 12:56 AM #

    It was an absolute pleasure dancing with you and meeting you tonight! Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your joy. I meant to also say thank you for your service when I found out you were a vet, but was engrossed in all the other stories and adventures and forgot – didn’t want to let that slide again.

    Looking forward to dancing with you more. Welcome to Moab!

    • Hurricane Rita November 5, 2013 at 8:55 PM #

      Thank you so much, Lisa! It was amazing dancing with you ladies last night! I hope to be writing a Masala Bhangra In Moab piece soon! 😀

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