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EJ Skullcrusher Snyder slug warning

Eating Slugs Promoted on TNT AFTER Contestant Paralyzed, Nearly Dies

Yep, you read the title correctly, EATING SLUGS PROMOTED. John and I watched my episode of 72 Hours again last night after our hot tub session. We snuggled up on the couch and acted like it was the first time seeing it while my legs twitched this way and that. Gotta love spasms. That is […]

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action trak chair

Traks for Chip’s Trek – A Fundraiser for my Brother

Here it is: the fundraiser you’ve all been waiting for… Traks for Chip’s Trek (If you click on the link directly above, you will see the fundraising page. Click on GIVE NOW to donate!) The bottom line is this: You have all seen the show and read the review, correct? You know I wanted to […]

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72 Hours Fijian Jungle - Rita

72 Hours Season 1 Episode 7 Review (My Episode)

72 Hours Season 1 Episode 7 Review -“Fijian Jungle” – Friday, July 19, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) Helicoptered into the humid but stunning jungles of Fiji, three teams composed of three strangers must navigate themselves through impenetrable dense rain forests and sky-scraping mountainous peaks in order to locate a briefcase full of cash in just 72 hours. All they have to […]

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72 Hours Fijian Jungle - Rita

72 Hours Fijian Jungle – Hurricane Rita Hits the South Pacific

My appearance on 72 Hours Fijian Jungle has really taken off in a direction I hadn’t quite expected. Don’t forget to watch Friday, July 19th at 10 PM eastern time!!! Every week TNT adds a line up of contestants for the race. This is THE ONLY time I’ve seen a picture of someone enjoying life […]

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72 Hours Contestant - Hurricane Rita

Hurricane Rita in Entertainment Weekly – 72 Hours

I’m in Entertainment Weekly. Really. That’s the absolute last magazine I’d ever thought I’d be in…well…I guess it’s tied with Glamour, Vogue, Seventeen, and…well any magazine that expects a woman to wear makeup and cater to what society demands. It was quite a shock to actually hold the magazine in my hands and see myself […]

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