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Memorial Day Annville PA

I’ve Seen War. It’s Time for Peace – Memorial Day 2013

John and I decided to recognize Memorial Day away from the “Hustle and bustle” of Annville, Pennsylvania. We took our new house for a jaunt Sunday evening. A test ride, if you will. First, we brought her to the gas station so she could guzzle a bit on the journey. Then we went out to…what […]

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Wings-Alaska all rights reserved - Hurricane Rita

Corner Cry – Memorial Day 2010

It’s hard to put pure emotion into prose. Capturing the true excitement that burns, the overwhelming need to smile at something, anything, anyone, in words is a challenge. The past week has been incredible. I’ve shared moments with people where in unison we’ve express that “This is one of THOSE moments that can’t get any better.” […]

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Rat Lungworm

Inner Peace After War Pt III (The Reaffirmation)

Disclaimer: You MUST read Inner Peace After War and Pt II (The Reaction) (In that order… duh) BEFORE you read this piece, or you will be COMPLETELY lost. When I returned from the trip, still reeling from The Reaction, I was extraordinarily relieved to see my lover waiting for me, leaning on the car, patient in his naturally suave […]

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Mt Rapinski

Shared Silence

A mist sat over the water, making the heron’s reflection on the silent surface a shadowy neutral as if the world had been sketched in detailed gray-scale. It looked like it was going to be a chilly day. I sat on my porch a while longer watching the tide subtly rise. It was nearing time […]

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