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My recovery from a severe case of rat lungworm disease

Healing-Stones Hurricane Rita

Companion – Healing Stones

Healing Stones  – Rita and John – written in the order they came to our healer, Mickey Wesler. They were done together as one reading because she had difficulty separating our spirits from one another. Chrysacolla – Unconditional love. Continually discover new ways of nurturance. Survival intertwined with earth. Embrace the wondrous and even frightening aspects […]

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Aurita-Maldonado John-Binger healing

A Lesson on Healing

On the 27th of April, Barefoot Wellness Studio had an open house including: Chair massage Angel Readings Acupuncture Mini Sessions Chiropractic Free Adjustments Coral Casting Readings Healing Center (Energy Work) Intro to Yoga Live Music  It ran from 10:00 – 2:00. However, that day I also taught a Zumba class from 10:30-11:30, then drove out […]

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rat lungworm Hurricane Rita PT

Post Rat Lungworm – Sensations

The other day John and I were relaxing in the sun room. I was writing, probably about rat lungworm, while he planted some more starts for the garden. We were simply enjoying one another’s presence without conversation until… John asked me, “Don’t you feel that? It doesn’t bother you?” Looking up from the computer, I […]

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Rat lungworm Hurricane Rita All rights Reserved

Words of Wisdom (Inspirational quotes) – I Can and I Will

I was up at 3:00 AM this morning, absolutely incapable of sleep. I lay still another hour before restlessly hobbling down the stairs. I stood aimlessly in the shadows between dusk and dawn for an eternity. I’m up. What now? The dogs got fed at 4:00 AM. They didn’t seem to mind. I returned to […]

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garden designs

Five Month Rat Lungworm Recovery Update – How’d We do it so Fast?

Yesterday was the 5th month anniversary since I’ve been released to my own “devices” from the Phoenix VA Hospital after battling rat lungworm for 6 weeks inside and 3 weeks before being admitted. Since the day I defied death to walk out of the hospital next to my lover on my walker, with my wheelchair […]

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veteran observing pond

Rat Lungworm – Pain Management Using Noni

In a fit of pain in February, I began to look for other people who had dealt with the same pain, the same…horrific, mind numbing freezing, burning, prickling, itching crap that I’m still dealing with daily. To be exact, I figured I could contact the man featured here: I found this informative website run by his […]

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Aurita_Maldonado jump

Digging Through Pain for Pleasure

It’s been storming this week off and on. Mostly it’s been warm rain. (Thank Science, since the cold hurts me so damn much!) When I lived in Haines, I learned a saying that I thought would be a great life mantra. There’s no such thing as bad weather, just not enough gear. I lived that […]

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Hurricane Rita

Post Parasitic Hurricane Explosion

When I found out that I had Rat Lungworm Disease from the Angiostrogylus Cantonensis (That’s a big word for gnarly parasite), John began immediate research. I was nearly comatose…no research came from me. However, once I began to recover, I became interested in what exactly was giving me these lesions on my brain. I wanted to know […]

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Hurricane Rita

Weather Changes – Oxycodone Withdrawal Symptoms

It would be a bold faced lie if I said I felt the same as I did in September of 2012; that the Hurricane was back full force and shrugged off 3+ weeks of paralysis aside of a 6 week stay in the hospital. The truth is, I haven’t had a single day sans RIDICULOUS pain since October. Not […]

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