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My recovery from a severe case of rat lungworm disease


Post Parasitic Hurricane Drizzle

So post- parasitic life has changed some things for me. For example: I was told I have another UTI (urinary tract infection) today.  Now, before this gets undue attention, I’ve been suffering from decently frequent and chronic UTIs since the army decided to medicate me insufficiently for a gnarly kidney infection I got in January 2002, when I was 19. It took nearly a year […]

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Hurricane Rita Zumba

Defying Death to Dance – A Paralyzed Zumba Instructor Makes a Comeback

One Zumba Instructor’s Fight Past Paralysis and Chronic Pain to Dance When I first realized I would need to learn to walk again, I felt a kind of numbing acceptance. Sure. I’ll learn to walk again, because I don’t want to stop my love of movement quite yet. I would have laughed at you if […]

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