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This has worked for SEVEN years

Unlocked and Unhidden: Human Nature Revealed

I’m sitting in a closet sized structure at the moment.  There’s a screen door, a window, some shelves filled with totes, a few computers charging, two chairs, one lamp, an unused mini-fridge, and me.  I’m writing because I told myself I will not get up from this seat until I’ve written something.  I’m also writing […]

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Gunga Din

Umm…Eat Much?

Lone.    Pine.    is.    Heaven.    Period.  LA bought the majority of water rights, preventing it from being destroyed, and it is AH-MAZING.  The time we spent there was incredible.  We climbed, relaxed, ran,  bouldered, rock hopped, you name it. We spent the mornings in the warm sun with our signature Cafe Con Carolans, the afternoons on […]

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Our campsite at Gunga Din

Desert Run

As my heartbeat quickened I felt a smile creep onto my lips before taking full control of my spirit.  My being formed with the earth not as an act of ownership, but of shared love.  Each touch brief and intimately respectful, leaving but the lightest trace of my intent in the soft sand; a message to Mother Nature of the […]

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