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72 hours - Rita

Custom Designed

The light rain whispered in my ear, stirring me from a full, undisturbed night of sleep in the comforting, protective arms of my soul mate.  I pulled open my heavy lids and immediately got my morning dose of love in his gaze. Every morning that I wake, no matter where or how we sleep, the […]

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Your Everlasting Light

Emiliana Torrini’s, Jungle Drum, is my alarm clock, so whenever I must be sure to be awake early, I am introduced to the day with “HEY! I’m in love! My fingers keep on clicking to the beating of my heart! HEY I can’t stop my feet, ebony and ivory and dancing in the streets. HEY! […]

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hitchhiking Maui

A Tragic Way to Travel

Newsflash: Tourists on Maui don’t pick up hitchhikers. Caveat:John and I were picked up by two different tourist families from Australia in brand new rental cars on two separate occasions. (First off: Aussies and Kiwis don’t count because they are open-minded to hitchhiking. Second: The first time we were picked up was before we got […]

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90 Minutes of Possibilities

John and I went Snorkeling around Lanai on an incredible trip with Safari Boat Excursions in exchange for 90 minutes of my life.  For a whale watching, sunken WWII vessel snorkeling, thrill ride cave mouth dare-devil stunting, guaranteed dolphin sighting experience, we agreed that I’d attend a 90 minute sales pitch aimed at a demographic […]

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