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Hurricane Rita and her King Bing take the world by storm. Follow us along our adventure! We prove that having tons of money isn’t so very necessary for adventure!

Aurita-Maldonado John-Binger healing

A Lesson on Healing

On the 27th of April, Barefoot Wellness Studio had an open house including: Chair massage Angel Readings Acupuncture Mini Sessions Chiropractic Free Adjustments Coral Casting Readings Healing Center (Energy Work) Intro to Yoga Live Music  It ran from 10:00 – 2:00. However, that day I also taught a Zumba class from 10:30-11:30, then drove out […]

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Hurricane Rita Housing

Home Sweet Home – Van Living

It’s official. John and I technically bought our first fixer-upper house together yesterday! Van living, here we come! We now own a 1992 Ford Econoline E-150 Conversion Van. We’ll call it home for short until she earns a name like our GPS. (Or hopefully not like our GPS….) Look! We already put the Purple Heart tags […]

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Allow yourself to be silly

The Caw of the Wild

The mission was simple, get to the library and focus on writing while John researched net mending and jewelry making online.  We parked, and began packing the computer bag. Then it started.  Corky jumped up to the window immediately to answer the big black bird taunting him from the light post. “Caaaaaaaaaw!” “Arf!” “Caaaaaaaaaaw!” “Arf!” […]

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