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John Binger Silly Face

Passive Aggression – Why?

I’ve been thinking a lot about passive aggression lately. Urban dictionary definition #2 (which fits my purpose) states, act of doing something specifically to piss someone off, but with the cover of “I didn’t realize it would bother you”. My roommate was talking shit on me, so when she was trying to study I blasted […]

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Our front yard with the incoming tide

Celebrating Abundance

I was asked by a cruise ship passenger about two weeks ago how they could sign up for a life like mine. I laughed before I answered with the truncated, “Give away your crap. Start with the television. Go from there.” He laughed and nodded. “I guess it really COULD be that simple, huh,” he responded thoughtfully. […]

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Dog sillhouette on tne beach

True Riches

Yesterday I finished my taxes. No surprise, right? ABSOLUTE last minute… But guess what! I qualified for all the poor people tax breaks! When I saw my final figures I laughed. Loudly. My tax guy, Jame (Yes, I spelled that correctly), smiled as I convulsed in chuckles. “Ha! $11,500 this year, huh. That’s WELL in […]

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Hawaiian Girl Jumping

Absolute Rapture – Masala Bhangra in Hana

My first Masala Bhangra Class in Hana was perfect. Picture this: The studio is a building the size of a double wide trailer, the roof leaks, the paint’s chipping off the warped walls, the screen on the back door is ripped, though the wooden floors are in good shape and the wall of mirrors is […]

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72 hours - Rita

Custom Designed

The light rain whispered in my ear, stirring me from a full, undisturbed night of sleep in the comforting, protective arms of my soul mate.  I pulled open my heavy lids and immediately got my morning dose of love in his gaze. Every morning that I wake, no matter where or how we sleep, the […]

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Your Everlasting Light

Emiliana Torrini’s, Jungle Drum, is my alarm clock, so whenever I must be sure to be awake early, I am introduced to the day with “HEY! I’m in love! My fingers keep on clicking to the beating of my heart! HEY I can’t stop my feet, ebony and ivory and dancing in the streets. HEY! […]

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A Classically Catastrophic Cancer

Hiding under a careless facade, she’s surprisingly small, loud but timid, bold but meek, laughing but silently whimpering for more than fleeting attention. She’s average. Small frame, large teeth, slight mustache, but has beautiful, even stunning windows to her soul. Except an average passerby may miss her soul completely, distracted by the layers of gaudy […]

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hitchhiking Maui

A Tragic Way to Travel

Newsflash: Tourists on Maui don’t pick up hitchhikers. Caveat:John and I were picked up by two different tourist families from Australia in brand new rental cars on two separate occasions. (First off: Aussies and Kiwis don’t count because they are open-minded to hitchhiking. Second: The first time we were picked up was before we got […]

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90 Minutes of Possibilities

John and I went Snorkeling around Lanai on an incredible trip with Safari Boat Excursions in exchange for 90 minutes of my life.  For a whale watching, sunken WWII vessel snorkeling, thrill ride cave mouth dare-devil stunting, guaranteed dolphin sighting experience, we agreed that I’d attend a 90 minute sales pitch aimed at a demographic […]

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Shannon Falls

A Role Realized

I ended up travelling through Lillooet on a whim. I was beginning to feel tired when I passed the turnoff from 29 or 99 or whatever road I was already driving. I pulled over, suddenly second guessing my path, and thinking of Ken, the nice gentleman I met at Ten Mile Lake who recommended the […]

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