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Healing Stones  – Rita and John – written in the order they came to our healer, Mickey Wesler. They were done together as one reading because she had difficulty separating our spirits from one another.

Healing-Stones Hurricane Rita

Chrysacolla – Unconditional love. Continually discover new ways of nurturance. Survival intertwined with earth. Embrace the wondrous and even frightening aspects of earth with love, grace, and acceptance.

Hematite – Expand overall strength, sharpen instincts. Increases stability, security and safety. Ease in decision making – Adapt to a diversity of situations.  The bottom line of our life on earth is that we live here. Honor what we have and hone who we are and then you honor all. Hold to forehead and close your eyes and give way to whatever happens.

Kyanite – “Go to our center and see the most glorious imaginable” You are talented, magnificent, beautiful, and more. Smooths coordination and skin. Show what we are made of, put forth best foot. Links all of your resources and gifts. Experience life well.  Practice ourselves until we get it how we want it.

Apophyllite – (Never directed to share Apophyllite before)  Lightness of movement. Increase openness to intuition. Trust in unseen realities. Connects to spirit of the land and in the act of one for all beings of the land. Represents the other dimensions of life

Blue Lace Agate – Balance of adrenals. Connects to generosity of spirit. Sends calm after long struggles. The core of this stone leads into gentle, gentle breath. From there to cope with every feeling and situation and find space to bless others. Calms your mind.

Carnelian – Joins emotions, instincts, and conscious purpose. Empower self determination. Increases metamorphosis Offers vision to see what should be done and produces the fire to produce the desired results.

Copper  – Cares for our bodies, while speaking to our souls. It loves to be a catalyst for the magic in many things.

Amazonite – Listens to your body and its needs using toning of metabolism. Celebrates every physical and emotional experience. Quiet Compassion. Release the harsh self judgment. Invites to see yourself as source of own content. With any situation we can change it to the positive. Therein is the potential for true freedom.

Moonstone – “I come to you at every step of your journey.” Assists with release of toxins. Balances fluid. Helps strengthen left side of the body. Deepens appreciation of stillness. Open to receive what you need. Connects to feeling of being home in our hearts, bodies, and family upon the earth. Your deepest feelings bring you home wherever you go. “Everywhere I go I share peace and security with all.”

Watermelon Tourmaline – “I will allow all my feelings and then choose which ones I will choose to lead me.” As you feel life you will be rewarded with boundless awareness.  Adapts recourses  to healthy deep self exploration and integration.  This stone will be unique to each of you. Sensitizes the meridians of the feet for healing. Recognize your unique wisdom.

Green Fluorite – “Awaken and remember, struggle can then release.”  Balances and helps unblock senses. Connects mind to the guidance of spirit. “I am one with life, one with my spirit, and one with love. Admire truth, enjoy art, laugh with children. “I take my differences and offer them to the world.”

Two natural crystal quartz to use with any stone to increase its message.

My notes:

There were a few points I thought of specific interest within the healing stones reading. First of all, Chrysacolla as the first stone drawn. Unconditional love. John has proven that beyond a question. We are attached no matter what. The Apophyllite was drawn for a first time EVER for the healer. Normally, she explained, those who are to receive it are not prepared, and it can cause headaches, being the powerful stone that it is. The concept she explained for Kyanite: Practice ourselves until we get it how we want it, is quite similar to a concept I decided to adopt in middle school: You can change anything you’re not good at with enough practice. I applied it to everything from straightening my feet when I walked to my free throw in basketball.

The Blue Lace Agate I could see as a gift from the Universe. The calm after a long struggle. John and I have been fighting this disease with John-Binger Carneliaeverything in our arsenal for over 7 1/2 months. We finally seem to be gaining ground. We are waiting for the calm. When Mickey and we were just about ready to part ways, she began to lament that she only had one carnelian to give us, though she wanted us to have two.  She trailed off in the middle of a sentence to return a few seconds later with an energetic realization: she had another one around her neck! Well, technically two.

A heart in a heart.

She gave them to us.  I gave them to John.  He’s worn them around his neck ever since.  

Moonstone? Yes, please. Every bit of it resonates. My left tail bone has been very angry since I was still in the hospital. It’s been a nagging injury. John’s sciatic nerve is bothering him on his left side. We definitely need some left side strengthening!

I connect with the green fluorite, as being on crazy medications can cause me to forget momentarily that this moment is the only one that truly matters. 

Awaken and remember, struggle can then release.”

It is as simple as that. A reminder to awaken quickly, remember, and then release any struggle because it couldn’t possibly matter in the grand scheme of things. If you are one with life, your spirit, and love, how could anything ruffle your feathers? 

Those are my thoughts on our reading of Healing Stones. 🙂

Remember, tomorrow’s not guaranteed. Keep your mind open!



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