Contagious Love

The motivation for mom and me to go to the grocery store after I taught my SECOND Zumba class this week was quite simple, really. It came directly from a text I received as I walked out of the gym.

It read: “I made smoked salmon – egg white – green onion – diced apple – mayo spread. Want to grab some Utz’s Potato Chips?”

Uh. Duh!

I love that man.

So we drove straight from the handicap parking spot at Paramount to the handicap parking spot at Weis.  (Funny how I used to pride myself in parking wherever and making it a point to walk distances into stores…now I finish teaching Zumba and stumble to my car that’s parked in the closest spot to the building.) I immediately opened the door to join Mom for the short walk into and around Weis to collect the gluten free lard soaked Pennsylvania born potatoes that promised to complement dinner.

She hesitated as I opened my car door, “You’re OK to come in?”

“Well, yeah. I’m good until my body cools down. Let’s postpone that a little!” I declared as I pulled myself out of the tiny car and began my journey to the front door with what I thought was only a slight, maybe even unnoticeable hobble.

I followed her to the snack aisle, all the while basking in the residual energy of my class. I couldn’t stop smiling. Just this winter, dancing seemed an unfathomable dream, and yet this week I taught TWO Zumba classes.

I found myself singing softly, “Mueve la boom boom PAO!” when I wasn’t joking with Mom about her stop at the bar BEFORE I taught class.  I was simply thrilled with life in the moment. John returned Tuesday night from a two week trip to Austin and we’ve been celebrating love and life together since being reunited. There’s no sleep like that of wandering souls returned to their mates. 😀 Besides that, I’ve Defied Death to Dance!!!! (Click on it…Read it…you’ll get it.)   There was nothing to not smile about!!!

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As I was standing in line behind Mom I can only imagine my face had a quizzical, bemused, and mildly entertained expression, as I was considering the silliness of today’s idea of entertainment. I was looking at the cover of the National Inquirer (or maybe it was another slutty magazine…I couldn’t be sure) and my eyes fell on a promotion of sorts: Kim’s Latest Scandal.

Really? People buy these things?

My thought was interrupted by a lady’s voice, “YOU make me happy!” she declared with beautiful energy.

I looked up at the next register, and saw the woman, short dark hair, light blue eyes that sparkled with love for the moment. “You do!” she insisted!

I understood. “Thank you!” I smiled back at the woman, immediately beginning to walk towards her. I threw up my right hand and declared, “Hugs, smiles, and high fives are all free!” We slapped hands, “I’m super duper sweaty right now, so rain check on the hug, but….” I let loose a smile that would have made the Cheshire Cat jealous.

She smiled in return and chuckled, “You just make me happy.”

Maybe it was my pink, blue, and purple pigtails, my dorky post Zumba Franken – walk, my 20+ bracelets,

Hey! I'm in love!

Hey! I’m in love!

3 neclaces, earrings that don’t match, or maybe a combination of all of those things with my silly I’m So Happy I Danced Again Smile, but the bottom line is: Energy is contagious! Maybe she felt the love I felt for life and for my soulmate, my family, my friends, and the simple act of movement.

When you are doing the things that make you happy, truly happy, I do believe it’s apparent and contagious.

Sometimes over great distances.

John could feel it from home!

As I walked out of the store with Mom after saying my goodbyes to the friendly lady, I was nearly bursting with positivity.  My smile was so big my cheeks felt strained. I took a deep breath of the cool evening air and my phone sounded with the receipt of another beautiful text from that incredible man I have the unparalleled pleasure of calling my lover.

It read: I can’t wait to see you.  You’re happy. I know it. 🙂

You tell me our souls aren’t connected. 😀

Tomorrow’s not guaranteed. If you love them, tell them today.

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  1. Susan Schlatter April 7, 2013 at 1:37 AM #

    A trip to Dallas is in the planning so will let you know about that so we can get your mountain trip on the calendar, we have zumba classes in Franklin every day of the week!
    Susan and Bud

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