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The light rain whispered in my ear, stirring me from a full, undisturbed night of sleep in the comforting, protective arms of my soul mate.  I pulled open my heavy lids and immediately got my morning dose of love in his gaze. Every morning that I wake, no matter where or how we sleep, the first thing I see is him watching me open my eyes…


The first thing I see in the early morning light is the reflection of myself watching him watch me open my eyes while wrapped in his embrace. I swear the man was custom designed by the Universe to find me and love me, as I was created for his love. We smiled, kissed, and easily expressed our desire to greet each day in each others arms for the rest of our lives, as we do almost every morning as soon as I catch up and become conscious.

I shifted my face to better hear his heartbeat, and promptly fell back asleep to the rhythm of this world’s sweetest lullaby of strength, health, love, and beauty. The second time I pulled myself out of the depths of dreamland, it was to see that the sky had cracked open into a beautiful, full rainbow, and the rain had become a fine, cool mist, which, combined with the crisp upcountry morning breeze, beckoned, promising another perfect greeting to yet another brilliant day.

I jumped into the shower on the deck, and let the heat of the water envelope my body in the cool air as the mist continued and the rainbow burned brightly over the shimmering foliage.  I waited to put my head under last, allowing the steamy drops surprise my scalp and send chills of ecstasy down the length of my body.

After a thorough wash and some idle time standing with my face turned towards the shower head with my fingers interlocked behind my neck, I turned it off, and wrapped myself in a big, fluffy red towel. I leaned against the railing and stood smiling at the view for countless minutes as steam rose from my skin. The lazy breeze was cool and welcomed.

I walked towards the door to grab my clothes, and my lover met me there, beaming. We looked at each other in the full length mirror, making faces at one another, laughing.

Him fully dressed, Me in my borrowed towel.

I walked barefoot through the airy house after dressing, and sat down on in the front lawn on a flat rock while John made some yummy energy balls with Tarah. Who knew walnuts, coconut oil, dates, salt, and cacao nibs could taste SO DAMN GOOD! (The man feeds me!!!)

I sat and observed quietly. I felt the welcoming warmth of the sun’s love on my back, and again sweet goosebumps sprung out to remind me of the beauty of life in its simplest form.  The mist felt like tiny, pleasant needles on my skin.

I thought, if acupuncture feels anything like this, I’d be the first in line.

I was thrilled…brimming with love and happiness…and the silent tears came immediately.

It had only been 24 hours or so since I had posted Shared Silence, and the hint of sadness that accompanies the thought of my lost friends and their suffering families knocked on the door to my soul.  I sat, allowing the moment to infiltrate me completely, refusing to ignore it, all the while offering positive energy to the Universe for her blessings, hoping those struggling with loss could feel at least some of that light.

First, Coconut came to visit, purring and sharing his love in kitty style. (That made me miss you, Cat!)

After a while, John came outside to sit with me.  He told me he could tell by my posture exactly what I was thinking. I smiled at him, and in his eyes saw the reflection of blue skies and white clouds behind my silhouette.

This would be yet another day to not take for granted.

Live, laugh, love, and remember tomorrow’s not guaranteed.

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