Eating Slugs Promoted on TNT AFTER Contestant Paralyzed, Nearly Dies

Yep, you read the title correctly, EATING SLUGS PROMOTED.

John and I watched my episode of 72 Hours again last night after our hot tub session. We snuggled up on the couch and acted like it was the first time seeing it while my legs twitched this way and that. Gotta love spasms. That is the fourth time we’ve watched it at this point: Once for the party on the 19th, twice the next day, and once last night.

Chip Keller 72 Hours Rita All Right ReservedThere’s something in the show that has been bothering me since the first time I saw it.


Is it that Mike lied and thwarted my mission to get my brother a WELL DESERVED WHEELCHAIR?

Oddly enough…no.

Is it that they switched the order of events around to make Mike a decent dude instead of the…well….

No…not even that.

The thing that chewed at me, and happened to be one of the first thoughts I had today when I woke up:

I ate a slug in Fiji. You know this. It nearly killed me, and if I wasn’t in the shape I was in when I contracted it, I would be dead.


Death is damn final.

Lighthearted Entertainment has known this since I was barely conscious and fighting for my life in the hospital in NOVEMBER 2012 from eating slugs in Fiji while filming 72 Hours!!!

I spoke with them twice on the phone…weeks apart. This is after they emailed me to find out if everything worked out OK for me after the race. I TOLD THEM IT DIDN’T! On top of that, I emailed them a link to THIS blog in an application for next season…saying that even having learned to walk twice, I’d still be strong enough to make it 72 Hours with whomever. What an intense back story that would be on the show!

I emailed this on June 14th when asked how I was doing by their “representative”:

Well…I’m alive. My 6 month anniversary from being out of the hospital is in 5 days. I’m still not running more than 3 miles. I ran two the other day and my shins are swollen. I have to use suppositories to shit. The nerve pain…well…I don’t really have words for that. I’m glad it’s warmer now. I’m super sensitive to cold temperatures at this point. I had to learn how to put my socks back on…it took me a month of being the youngest person in the nursing home with 3 physical therapy sessions a day to learn to walk again. 3 1/2 weeks to get my socks on by myself. The neurologist didn’t think I’d walk again…but I’m defying their odds. I’m still on Gabapentin for the nerve damage but I got off Oxycodone towards the end of April. I’m going to start tapering from Gabapentin in the beginning of July. I’m a far cry from the woman who scoffed at NSAIDs all my life. When I left the hospital in January, I was on a walker, able to stand only 15 minutes. From what I’ve read, this could go on quite a long time.
You know what she said?


It’s August 7th, by the way. Still not a single word.


That’s the same thing she said when I told her about the situation initially in November. Nothing.

Does that infuriate you?

Now the thing that tops the cake…

Skullcrusher, the awesome, crazy military survivalist from green team also ate a slug in Fiji. He did NOT get sick. You may have seen the commercials and trailers where they tried to use his slug consumption to boost ratings on TNT.

EJ Skullcrusher Snyder slug warning

To me, this seems like an obvious neglect of the simple fact, EATING SLUGS RAW CAN KILL YOU!!! 
There was no mention of the fact. No public notice, of…
Hey, one of our contestants nearly died from that…maybe we should warn folks not to do it.

I feel like the situation may have something in common with this:

Johnny dies from eating something he bought from the store. It was imported from China and was contaminated. It’s still sitting on the grocery store shelves. Instead of letting others be aware of the inherent danger you promote Johnny’s brother, who also ate said thing, but didn’t die or even get sick.

Ummm…but the product’s still on the shelf, and people still think it is OK to consume!

Huh. Wouldn’t that make you think it is OK? Don’t “they” caveat all stupid things with “Kids, don’t try this at home.”

Why wasn’t this done (other than to save their asses on the legal side, should I choose to blast them from the water for being inconsiderate, silent, ass munches [that’s a scientific term for people who don’t care about the welfare of others over their religion of money])…why didn’t they share with America, who for the most part is NOT as physically fit as I was when I consumed the slug, that rat lungworm disease is real? It’s a threat, and it struck down one of their contestants!!!
If this is a question that has plagued you since I was hospitalized in November…or even since the first time you saw them promote eating slugs raw, I’d encourage you to let them know!
Here is Lighthearted Entertainment’s Contact Us page: Here
Now I realize this might up their popularity, and most of you probably had no clue who they were until now.
I don’t care how many likes they have on Facebook, to be quite honest. I just want the world to know:

Eating slugs raw can kill you!

I went from this

Hurricane Rita Jumping

To this
Rat - lungworm Hurricane Rita
In a matter of WEEKS!!!!! 
Tomorrow’s not guaranteed.
And remember:

Just say no to eating slugs!!!

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6 Responses to Eating Slugs Promoted on TNT AFTER Contestant Paralyzed, Nearly Dies

  1. Rey - Your Cousin August 7, 2013 at 8:32 PM #

    um cuz… consult a lawyer… people have sued and won for much less in this country… You could sue for the mental stress that their negligent handling of the situation caused you after your ordeal =P Technically you wouldnt be suing over what happened to u, u’d be suing over their completely horrid and demeaning reaction to it… =)

    • Hurricane Rita August 8, 2013 at 12:55 AM #

      It was pretty messed up, huh.

  2. Glo August 7, 2013 at 11:13 PM #

    I called the promotors of 72 hours immediately after i heard you were suffering, to inform them of what happened to you. I told them you ate a slug in Fiji and You were critically Ill because of it. I gave them your and Fran’s telephone number also told them it was important to get the word out.
    Yes, it infuriates me to know that they ignored the facts by not mentioning what happened to you. They choose ratings (money) over the life of you my niece, and disgusts me to know how disconcerned and irresponsible they are to human life.
    You, have come along way from that time because of the medication and your will to survive.
    I’m thankful that you were physically fit before you left for Fiji and also greatful that you
    Are a Warrior!!!!

    • Hurricane Rita August 8, 2013 at 12:54 AM #

      The funny thing is, had they shown it…I’m sure the ratings would have gone through the roof! I’ve gotten really lucky with this whole deal. I’m recovering, but if they don’t tell folks, people will die.

  3. Jim Wilson November 11, 2014 at 2:56 PM #

    Lovely Rita, my sometime summer neighbor across Lutak Road in my former floathouse.
    Wishing you the best in this incredible situation. The cabin is still vacant and I sometimes need a house sitter during summer in my place so long as you dogs get along with my cat.
    Your friends in Haines think of you often.

    • Hurricane Rita November 11, 2014 at 3:41 PM #

      Is it vacant, Jim? I thought someone was staying there! The floathouse….how much we miss that place! I’m pretty sure John would say yes in a heart beat. We were JUST talking about a return to AK for land at some point…I think the conversation happened yesterday or today! Let us know for sure if you need a house sitter! I’m sure the animals would figure it out…they always do! We miss you all in Haines, and talk about you often!

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