El Grand County Combo – Salsa Dancing in Moab, Utah

Salsa Dancing in Moab, UT Just Got HOT!

I’m excited in this moment. So much so that I’m positive I’m glowing.

I wrote about how 2014 has been named ” The Year of Dance,” just a few days ago, and already my dreams are being realized!

El Grand County ComboTwo nights ago I sat with a group of incredibly talented musicians as a direct result of my desperate desire to have a latin band in Moab, Utah for the event I’m planning for Valentine’s Day weekend. The Red Hot Latin Flavor: Fiesta en Rojo. The idea hit me when I was sitting in the back seat of a government vehicle being shuttled to the VA Hospital in Grand Junction, CO a few weeks ago.


Live salsa music in Moab is ABSOL-FREAKIN’-UTELY necessary.

The idea was clear enough, but not being a musician, and being new to town, I saw the potential obstacles right away… So I dove into my research first thing. I got online and began reaching out to salsa bands within a few hundred miles.  I was contacted by a few, and the excitement began building as my idea started to take a more realistic form.

That’s where I was in the process when I went with my lover and some friends to see “Hayley and the Tomcats” play at a local bar. They were intoxicating, and suddenly, as I was listening to sultry Latin jazz, I realized, perhaps having a band in town wouldn’t be nearly as hard as I had originally thought.

I started chirping at anyone and everyone, sharing my passion and excitement for life, dance, music, Moab, salsa, and bachata. Small flames were ignited in several hearts over the idea of live salsa in Moab, and conversations were sparked. The passion didn’t fully ignite immediately, but with a little added oxygen and some fuel (a contagious twinkle of excitement), the tiny embers have erupted into some seriously Red Hot Latin Flavor!

Two nights ago, the answer to my question, “How long do you think it would take to train some musicians on clave for a salsa band?” went from “a year” to “a El Grand County Combo - Moabmonth” in a matter of minutes, when I sat in on the jam session with the musicians Friday night. They were AMAZING, and I’ve already danced salsa to two of their songs THAT NIGHT!!!

And so, El Grand County Combo was born!

Moab officially has a salsa band in its infancy! Their first live performance will be at the event about which I’ve been dreaming for the last few weeks.

The Red Hot Latin Flavor: Fiesta en Rojo.


A party in all red. Live music. The best classics between sets. Salsa, bachata, merengue, cha cha, and reggaeton…in the land of red rocks. What better way to kick off the beginning of the Valentine’s Day weekend!?!?!

Doors open at 7:00PM.

A 30 minute beginner salsa lesson will begin at 7:15PM at the Moab Arts and Recreation Center (MARC).

Live music will begin at 8PM!

Vamos a bailar! $10 at the door for the first live salsa music in Moab in…..who knows how long!!!!

Tomorrow’s Not Guaranteed! Find your passions now, spread them, watch them grow!

Live, laugh, love, DANCE!

Questions? Email: DanceMoab@gmail.com


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