Fleatronics Corner

183206_1295258156876_1582227_nOn August 29th, 2012 the bravest, most talented man I’ve ever known took his own life and made quite a statement.

May 1st is his birthday. He would have been 60 today.

He was a Jack of all trades, master of most.

He was a salesman, a computer geek, a realtor, a Mr. fix-it, a cobbler, a nurse, a red cross volunteer, a jewelry maker, a carpenter, a dreamer, a videographer, a photographer, a magnet maker, an artist, a planner, an organizer, a business man, a counselor, a web designer, and a potential One Minute Millionaire.334863_3299124095743_395301287_o

He was my hero.

He was my father.

He was a husband, a son, a brother, an uncle, a nephew, a cousin, and a friend.

What was he to you?

I want to dedicate this page to Dad, the man behind the scenes.  The man who made me the woman I’ve become.

The little man with the big heart.

Please take a moment to write any story or memory about my dad and post it here. (Post as many as you’d like!!!!) I’ll be26948_352375288151_5172049_n posting plenty myself!

Videos, pictures, music, whatever, it’s all welcome!

Let’s grieve together through sharing and laughter.

Smiles and love.

We all love you, Old Man! Happy birthday!

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