Gabapentin Moment – Laughing Through Recovery

Laughing Through Recovery is Necessary. Without Humor, there’s no hope.

Tuesday night I got a text from John. It was a photo. There was blood.

He’d gotten in a fight…

With a tree branch.

It split his cheek open, but other than some glue, a headache, and some swelling, he came out fine.binger tree fight

Having a swollen face means he cannot wear his motorcycle helmet, so today was the first day I drove him to work and dropped him off before Zumba.

After Zumba I saw a text message from him asking for his sunglasses that he  keeps with his motorcycle helmet. Since he wasn’t wearing the helmet, he obviously forgot the sunglasses that get paired with it.

I brought him the glasses, snuck several kisses, caught him watching my butt as I walked away, and had to smile to myself. Yup, I’ll be spending the rest of my life with that man!

I ran several errands, printed out Thursday night’s salsa fliers, some fliers for the children’s intro to Latin dance class that I’m teaching Saturday, and also some for the event I’m holding the 13th of February, “RED HOT LATIN FLAVOR: FIESTA EN ROJO.” I put them up all over town, and finally returned to our house just before noon to reheat some of the gluten free pizza I’d made last night.

As I pulled into the driveway, I noticed the motorcycle parked there, and immediately got excited!

John is home for lunch!!! YES! I get another kiss, hug, fondle, whatever!!!

(It’s wondrous that after 2+ years of being in each other’s space, recovery, etc. that I still get so overly excited to see my soulmate for a kiss!)

I went inside and called his name with a super large grin on my face.

No answer.

I peeked in the bedroom, and called out again, nearly jumping in place in excitement.



I considered what could be happening. I assumed he went for a walk or was hiding.

“Scare the wounded vet” is a game he plays relatively often. He wins most times. 🙂

So, I sent him a text. It read:

“Where are you? The bike’s here, but you’re not.”

Nearly immediately I received one in return that made me laugh out loud. It read:

“You dropped me off this morning at work in the van.”

I laughed at myself heartily. Of course he wasn’t home.

Just as I was about to text a response, my phone rang.

I picked up, laughing.

“Hey….So uh…” I began, knowing the jokes were on their way.

“Hey, Lover, I see your meningitis is acting up again.”

We laughed, and laughed, and laughed. Maybe laughed a little too hard, even.

There is humor in recovery. Lots of it. Gabapentin Moments happen.

Live, laugh, love, and remember to be present, easy to entertain, and open to change.

Replace frustration with Laughter.

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4 Responses to Gabapentin Moment – Laughing Through Recovery

  1. Dr. B February 3, 2014 at 2:41 PM #


    Not an accusation but that looks like a saber slash on your swash buckling soul mate.
    I honestly have no idea what swash buckling means but it sounds so nautically adventurous!
    He will have to come up with a better story than a tree branch…an encounter with a nepharious band of pirates protecting their chest of gold on the beaches of Jost Van Dyke.

    Keep smiling,
    Dr.B ’42’

    • Hurricane Rita February 3, 2014 at 3:21 PM #

      🙂 Saber slash huh…swash buckling soul mate. 🙂 HA! What do you tell a man with two gashes on his face? Nothing. You’ve already told him twice! I’ll run the pirate story by him and see how it feels for him.

      • Dr.B March 15, 2014 at 1:08 AM #

        March 6, 2014

        To Whom This May Concern:

        I had the opportunity to observe Mr. John Binger while he cared for his soul mate, Ms. Aurita Maldonado when she was an inpatient in the Community Living Center of the Phoenix VA Medical Center. Rita was seriously ill and significantly debilitated but her spirit and John’s caring and support allowed her to make a remarkable recovery.

        John’s caring and compassion was demonstrated on a daily basis and I think he would serve very well as a therapy assistant working to motivate patients to regain their motivation and mobility.


        Bradley C. Buckhout M.D.

        • Hurricane Rita March 15, 2014 at 9:55 PM #

          Thank you, Dr. B! 😀

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