Light After the Storm

The sky came alive as rays burst desperately from the burning edges of the looming dark cloud; a child charging out the back door after being released from school early on a warm spring day, excited by the feeling of liberation, promise, and the entire Universe.  Luminescent arms reached openly from behind the gray fluff, capturing everything in their path in a warm, golden embrace. The light found the open pasture in a pattern dabbled in slight shadows from the remnants of a storm past. Cows stood idly munching in the verdant hills dotted with fiery African tulips and little white egrets.

It was the light after the storm that made us stop and turn as one. We stood, dumb for the moment, hand in hand, simply appreciating the view behind us. The winding strip of black highway contrasted beautifully, nestled between rolling green pastures, lined by low black lava rock fences in some places, barbed wire in others. The clouds had finally begun to embrace the day’s intent; and hastened their departure to the hills, allowing the sun to spring out involuntarily into a sudden smile, like a mother watching her child learning a positive life lesson through innocent trial and error.

He took me in his arms and pulled me close as we enjoyed the utter intensity of Mother Nature’s flawless design.  The paved road was deserted, a black and yellow benevolent snake wrapping lazily around the curves of the luscious hills and we stood still in the middle of it; eyes ablaze with love and happiness, awestruck by the magnitude of the remaining glistening drops amplifying the sun’s energy.

We kissed; a sweet expression of satisfaction and gaiety, time and space traveled, battles fought, lives lost, choices made, all leading to that exact moment when our lips met under Mother Maui’s approving grin.

He held my gaze and sang, “Can’t you see? It’s shining just for you!” (Read THIS if you didn’t catch the reference)

I was lost in the moment, seeing my reflection in the black clarity of his eyes; enjoying how the individual flecks of amber were creating a thin rim between his pupils and outer green iris on my skin, as a part of him.

We stayed that way for what could have been centuries, at least minutes.  I’m not very good at gauging the passage of time.

My smile in his eyes; in his soul. His in mine.

We pulled away easily and realized in the same instant that we had a very attentive audience.

It seems our bovine counterparts were intrigued by our celebration of each other and the Universe.  They poked their curious wet noses through the tall grass just above our heads. Innocently interested large brown eyes peered at us from under and over barbed wire. There were more than 15 cows watching us silently.

(I wondered for a brief moment if it was the five days that it had been since I showered that actually drew their attention.)

We laughed.  We cooed at the friendly beasts who seemed to regard us as a people might a benevolent royal couple: easily and fearlessly, but with polite reserve. We threw in another light kiss for good measure, and continued along our walk to the beach, hand in hand, feeling romantic.

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3 Responses to Light After the Storm

  1. ebleue March 16, 2012 at 10:39 PM #

    Thanks so much for sharing your stories – I love to hear from others who refer to `The Universe` with as mujch reverence as I do;-)

    Keep up Your Bliss – the world runs on it!

    Hope to see You again and meet your King Bing on your way up to Alaska this Summer;-)


    • Hurricane Rita March 17, 2012 at 6:10 AM #

      I will be around again this spring on the way up to Haines, but John will be riding the ferry up…so you’ll have to meet him at the end of the season, UNLESS…you meet us down in Seattle for a day of … Seattle stuff before he takes off. 😀 Yay life!!


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