Morning in the Life of a Dirty Girl

If pre-race morning has been anything for me, it’s been anticlimactic.  I’m sitting in the sunroom with our starting veggies, sipping my coffee, DSC_6621listening to the song birds declare today glorious.

(I’ve declared that already).

I’ve done several sun salutations.

I’m feeling quite warm and quite centered.

Quite peaceful, quite blessed.

In my previous, pre-parasite life, I’d probably be close to if not already in the race town…feeling pressured by the upcoming race.

I would have been there last night, waking up this morning in a cool stranger’s house or in the back of the Rav4.

It’s a two hour drive.

The thing is…

Today’s technically not a race.

It’s an untimed but controlled muddy run with friends.

I’m sure I’ll be ontime.

Unless I’m not….DSC_6982

I’ve packed the double layer gluten free zucchini chocolate cake with an almond butter icing that I baked two nights ago (SLAMMIN’!!!!). I’ve also packed some of the yummy bread I made from the other morning’s juice pulp. (Bet you’re wishing YOU were going now!!!)

The ladies should be satisfied with that…

I’m satisfied with that.

If they aren’t…well… they will be.

Unless John and I eat it along the way….

Oh, the other thing I packed (rather set in a pile by the door) is a change of clothes.

rnrIt’s funny thinking back to how I used to pin my numbers on the clothes I’d ALREADY chosen to use the night before, pack my bags, pick my breakfast, pack that as well, then barely sleep for all the anxiety coursing through my veins.

Man, I used to be “serious.”

I like the me I am now.

It’s much more enjoyable.

I finally get that tomorrow’s not guaranteed.

Don’t worry about what you used to be able to do…simply be appreciative with what you CAN do!

Are you an AmeriCAN or an AmeriCAN’T!?!? (BWAHAHAHAHA)

Don’t waste a second of a minute of your life not loving your beautiful self!


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2 Responses to Morning in the Life of a Dirty Girl

  1. Jim Brennan May 4, 2013 at 8:00 PM #

    It’s all good. Potting plants, gluten-free chocolate cake and mud run, what could be better?


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