Outdoor Zumba in Moab, Utah – Doing What You Normally Do Inside, Outside

A short story on how Outdoor Zumba in Moab Came to be.

The mantra I’ve found myself repeating as I’ve downsized and downsized and downsized is this:72 hours fiji Rita sale

Let it go. It will come back.

So I let go, most times for ridiculously low prices, sometimes for free. We gave away or sold everything John and I decided wasn’t practical to take with us in a van to Moab. We mailed ourselves books and a few small boxes. Over and over again, I hesitated as did John. It was hard to sell my father’s things, especially those that were meant for us. (Although it could be the lesson involving letting them go that was meant for us more so sunsetthan the actual things…) It was really hard for John to sell the tools he’d just acquired that he knew he’d use. It was really hard for me to get rid of the sound system I was sure I’d use again teaching dance.

I repeated the mantra.

Let it go. It will come back.

So I let go, and I trusted.

Since I’ve been in Moab, I’ve been overwhelmingly in love with Earth. Even more so than I had been when I first claimed to hug trees. 🙂  The red rocks have such a fierce contrast to the sky that simply observing it has a distinct healing quality.

I decided I wanted to hold outdoor dance classes: salsa, bachata, Zumba, and Masala Bhangra. The point in coming to an outdoor Mecca like Moab is to be outdoors, right? I brought the idea to the Moab Valley Multicultural Center (MVMC), and they IMMEDIATELY offered their space for my classes.

The Year of Dance is rolling right along with outdoor Zumba in Moab!

I was set! Except I didn’t have a sound system.

I’d sold both of the ones Dad left behind for nearly peanuts while repeating the mantra…

Let it go. It will come back.

When I got the go ahead at the MVMC, I posted on Facebook, announcing my excitement.

Seriously, outdoor Zumba at least twice a week starting in February. That just happened. It’s official. I found a location. Now for a sound system…

The response?conversation with shera

On Sunday, January 26th, at approximately 10:15 AM (less than a week after I posted that I was looking for a sound system on Facebook), Shera drove through Moab with a JVC Kaboom crammed into her car with the rest of her worldly possessions. She was uprooting and moving to Oregon. Letting things go.

I know that feeling.Moab salsa soundsystem

I hadn’t known that she was completely relocating until I saw her car packed to the brim. The connection was clear.

Obviously, I had let it go and it was coming back to me as an upgrade in nearly the exact same fashion.

The Kaboom was truly a gift, as Shera sacrificed a comfortable ride for hours between Durango and Moab. The boom box didn’t fit in the packed vehicle very well, so she was hit in the head by the machine nearly every bump.

The visit with Shera lasted about fifteen minutes. We caught up, hugged a bunch, took some pictures, and she was off again on her journey.

I went directly to the Moab Arts and Recreation Center to use the Kaboom for a private lesson. Just like that, my vision for outdoor dancing took shape.

On Monday, February 1st, I held my outdoor Zumba class at the MVMC.  It was snowing.

When the Universe wants to challenge you…She sure knows how. Having nerve damage over half of my body, coming outdoors on a chilly morning is a heck of an obstacle in itself. The cold can cripple me if I’m not careful.

It was as if the Universe was questioning my dedication.

Are you SURE you want to do this outdoor Zumba in Moab thing rain or shine?

The honest truth? I didn’t hesitate for a second. I desperately wanted to dance outside, and on top of that, wanted to feel the surge of adrenaline, the burst of fabulousness that is silliness through dance.

MMM…Sweat rising from a hot body and satiated soul on a beautifully chilly morning.

Sign me up!

On my way to Zumba, I had a moment of doubt…not about myself, but about participation. I honestly worried.

I did. I wasted my imagination for about five minutes as we drove to the MVMC.

Stupid Gabapentin.

I recognize the futility in worry when I arrived simultaneously with 3 other cars. moab Zumba

There were four other women in Moab that understood that morning how priceless a different experience than the norm could be!

I expected one for sure, maybe two students!

The lightness, excitement, and absolute freedom I felt after teaching Zumba in the snow for the first time in my life was enough to make me decide that I would continue to do it outside again, and again…rain or shine, nerve damage or not!!!

So now, every Monday and Wednesday at 8:30 AM there is Zumba outdoors behind the MVMC (156 North 100 West Moab, Utah) RAIN OR SHINE!

Moab Zumba outside

A free open air weekly salsa event is in the mix as well! As well as a hike to Zumba event! Coming soon!

Live, laugh, love, DANCE OUTSIDE!!!

You have to let go of the branch so that you can take flight. Another branch will come to you.

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t out there if you go searching!

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