Post Parasitic Hurricane Drizzle

So post- parasitic life has changed some things for me. For example: I was told I have another UTI (urinary tract infection) today.  Now, before this gets undue attention, I’ve been suffering from decently frequent and chronic UTIs since the army decided to medicate me insufficiently for a gnarly kidney infection I got in January 2002, when I was 19. It took nearly a year of insufficient medicine and my sickness returning monthly before they realized the mistake.

The VA doesn’t recognize that as service connected beyond 0%, by the way.

Don’t get me started.

Then with the rat lungworm disease, my colon and bladder were both shut down. Inability to urinate and defecate photo (69)without assistance…at 29.


29 and in a diaper.

I’m 30 now, a few months later, basking in the sweet sweet sun…yet again in a diaper.


Let me explain…

In a hospital, an inability to urinate means a catheter. If you are proned to receiving UTIs from the Army medic’s poor planning, that means you WILL receive a UTI.

I was given, over the course of my 6 week stay at the VA in Phoenix, TWO separate UTIs.

The second of which was resistant to their medicine.


They had me quarantined (like I would threaten someone who walked into my room….STOP OR I’LL PEE MY MEDICINE RESISTANT PEE ON YOU!!!!).

They had me on an IV for antibiotics.

Since I’ve been out of the hospital, I’ve been sick twice.

Six weeks ago I had a UTI.

Right now I have a UTI.

If you’re still convinced that’s not a problem, let me break down to you the difference of before and after.

Before when I got a UTI I was in discomfort. I’d need to use the bathroom frequently, and it would burn and feelah very much not right. I’d go to the doctor, they’d ask how often I get them and they’d give me some antibiotics for them, blah blah blah.

Now when I get a UTI….I feel EXTREME pain before, while, and after urinating. My lower abdomen feels tender and bruised. Last time, 6 weeks ago, I peed myself THREE TIMES A DAY for two days before an ER visit.

I peed myself twice yesterday…once a little trickle…the next, a complete blowout.

Now that we have the so very revealing background, let’s talk about something interesting.

This past weekend was my childhood best friend’s bridal shower.  I was invited a few days in advance, when she reached out to me through Facebook. I was THRILLED to go! I hadn’t seen her since 2005. It was incredible!

Until I peed my pants.


Post Parasitic Hurricane Drizzle is what I’ll call it.

I had to summon her to my table after casually walking back to the cafe after the “incident.”

Through chuckles and much eye rolling I explained that although it seemed awkward to do the first time we saw each other after so many years, I needed to go home early because I peed my pants. You know…brain eating parasite shut down my bladder and all


She took it well.

None of that ROFLMAO or anything. 🙂

We took a picture together (I was seated). Then I made my exit.

Head high.

Pants wet.

Lips slightly upturned and parted.

Life is good.

How can I frown about a little bladder thing when I WALKED HOME?!?!?!

Live, laugh, love, pee, dance! 😀

Confused as to what happened: PT I, PTII PTIII

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5 Responses to Post Parasitic Hurricane Drizzle

  1. Eileen and Rene April 15, 2013 at 4:27 PM #

    Aloha Rita I am sorry all this is happening to you. I had lung removed Jan 22. Due to cancer in my right lung. Learning to breath again was scare. Here it is April I riding my bike all over the place, in July I am riding across the state of Iowa 409 miles. If I am going to all this trouble to live I may well make it a life wort living. Go I am going for it. Feeling good but difference, Sending lots of Aloha to both of you. Eileen

    • Hurricane Rita April 16, 2013 at 7:55 PM #

      That’s so awesome! (Not that you had cancer…the recovery part.) Live life so completely that when Death comes like a thief in the night, there’s nothing left to steal! 😀 We miss you!!!! ALOHA!!!!

  2. wearingmyblackness April 16, 2013 at 11:34 AM #

    “Post Parasitic Hurricane Drizzle” Such a great composition of words. I literally laughed out loud.

    • Hurricane Rita April 16, 2013 at 7:53 PM #

      Well, it’s better than the original tital…. Post Parasitic Hurricane Golden Shower…..John had to explain to me why that wouldn’t work. Oops. I’d get a lot of hits on the blog, though. hahahaha!


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