Sharing Social Senselessness

Who cares who’s looking? DANCE!

The beat enters my soul by way of cartilage canal, caressing smooth curves, coursing through veins, creating warmth, riding the raging current straight to my heart, adding to flexing ventricles a uniqueness recognized only by those living in tune.

It infiltrates my nervous system, rocking my body with rhythm, making my fingers tingle, my feet twitch, tickling and tempting my senses until I can no longer control my excitement.

I burst.

I dance.

He stops mid step, eyes narrowing.


Confused by my lack of sense. No sense is made dancing in a busy street. Sense is reserved for social norms, for caged hamsters on an endless wheel, for controlled, drugged lab rats in a maze, consistently chasing figments of cheddar.

My smile flashes, genuine.

His smirk responds, unsure and hesitant.

I laugh.

He breaks eye contact, sternly shaking his head. He grunts in disapproval.

I continue to follow my base line.

She stops, noticeably nods, and immediately begins to open her heart with a friendly grin, inviting my energy to ease into her spirit. I watch as she releases the strain of her day, allowing her tensions to slip into the warm spring breeze, to be carried into the clouds, and I know then that we are enjoying the same music.

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