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72 Hours Fijian Jungle - Rita

72 Hours Season 1 Episode 7 Review (My Episode)

72 Hours Season 1 Episode 7 Review -“Fijian Jungle” – Friday, July 19, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) Helicoptered into the humid but stunning jungles of Fiji, three teams composed of three strangers must navigate themselves through impenetrable dense rain forests and sky-scraping mountainous peaks in order to locate a briefcase full of cash in just 72 hours. All they have to […]

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72 hours fiji hurricane rita

72 Hours Fijian Jungle Date Changed to 19 July 2013

72 Hours Fijian Jungle update! Season 1 Episode 7 of 72 Hours Fijian Jungle has switched dates. Since the show has been shifted to Fridays, all episodes after the 4th of July have been shifted to the left one week. That means, although I’ve been promoting watching my episode on the 26th, it will not […]

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rat lungworm Hurricane Rita PT

Post Rat Lungworm – Sensations

The other day John and I were relaxing in the sun room. I was writing, probably about rat lungworm, while he planted some more starts for the garden. We were simply enjoying one another’s presence without conversation until… John asked me, “Don’t you feel that? It doesn’t bother you?” Looking up from the computer, I […]

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72 Hours Contestant - Hurricane Rita

Hurricane Rita in Entertainment Weekly – 72 Hours

I’m in Entertainment Weekly. Really. That’s the absolute last magazine I’d ever thought I’d be in…well…I guess it’s tied with Glamour, Vogue, Seventeen, and…well any magazine that expects a woman to wear makeup and cater to what society demands. It was quite a shock to actually hold the magazine in my hands and see myself […]

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