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Hurricane Rita

Post Parasitic Hurricane Explosion

When I found out that I had Rat Lungworm Disease from the Angiostrogylus Cantonensis (That’s a big word for gnarly parasite), John began immediate research. I was nearly comatose…no research came from me. However, once I began to recover, I became interested in what exactly was giving me these lesions on my brain. I wanted to know […]

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Hurricane Rita

Weather Changes – Oxycodone Withdrawal Symptoms

It would be a bold faced lie if I said I felt the same as I did in September of 2012; that the Hurricane was back full force and shrugged off 3+ weeks of paralysis aside of a 6 week stay in the hospital. The truth is, I haven’t had a single day sans RIDICULOUS pain since October. Not […]

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Hurricane Rita Zumba

Defying Death to Dance – A Paralyzed Zumba Instructor Makes a Comeback

One Zumba Instructor’s Fight Past Paralysis and Chronic Pain to Dance When I first realized I would need to learn to walk again, I felt a kind of numbing acceptance. Sure. I’ll learn to walk again, because I don’t want to stop my love of movement quite yet. I would have laughed at you if […]

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rat-lungworm survivor Aurita Maldonado

Rat Lungworm (Blog Version Pt II)

If you haven’t read (Blog Version PT I), read it before you read this. My angel’s name is Hamed. He asked me to lift my legs one at a time, then tried to touch them. The ear piecing scream and free-flowing tears he received as a result of brushing his fingers along the chafed, dull colored sticks […]

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