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Hana Sunrise

Light After the Storm

The sky came alive as rays burst desperately from the burning edges of the looming dark cloud; a child charging out the back door after being released from school early on a warm spring day, excited by the feeling of liberation, promise, and the entire Universe.  Luminescent arms reached openly from behind the gray fluff, […]

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A beautiful union indeed

The Art of Surprise: The Binger’s Birthday Edition: Part One

I generally shy away from the title “Artist,” simply because, well, I’ve always grown up watching my sister create amazing things with her hands, since we were children.  Sure, I get it, we are all artists inside…yeah yeah, but have you seen Rosa’s art? Have you seen her paintings? Her candles? Her drawings? It’s amazing. […]

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Romance Before Hallmark: Hana Sunrise on a Wool Blanket

Hana Sunrise on a Wool Blanket

The sun perched over the ocean; a lovely golden trapeze artist suspended above an audience in a slow motion upwards pendulum.  Plush, white cushions clustered below, should she slip.  We sat quietly side by side on a checkered wool blanket in the dew strewn grass watching her awe inspiring performance with humble appreciation and great […]

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