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Five Month Rat Lungworm Recovery Update – How’d We do it so Fast?

Yesterday was the 5th month anniversary since I’ve been released to my own “devices” from the Phoenix VA Hospital after battling rat lungworm for 6 weeks inside and 3 weeks before being admitted. Since the day I defied death to walk out of the hospital next to my lover on my walker, with my wheelchair […]

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Rat Lungworm – Pain Management Using Noni

In a fit of pain in February, I began to look for other people who had dealt with the same pain, the same…horrific, mind numbing freezing, burning, prickling, itching crap that I’m still dealing with daily. To be exact, I figured I could contact the man featured here: I found this informative website run by his […]

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Mud Run

Morning in the Life of a Dirty Girl

If pre-race morning has been anything for me, it’s been anticlimactic.  I’m sitting in the sunroom with our starting veggies, sipping my coffee, listening to the song birds declare today glorious. (I’ve declared that already). I’ve done several sun salutations. I’m feeling quite warm and quite centered. Quite peaceful, quite blessed. In my previous, pre-parasite […]

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Hurricane Rita

Post Parasitic Hurricane Explosion

When I found out that I had Rat Lungworm Disease from the Angiostrogylus Cantonensis (That’s a big word for gnarly parasite), John began immediate research. I was nearly comatose…no research came from me. However, once I began to recover, I became interested in what exactly was giving me these lesions on my brain. I wanted to know […]

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72 hours - Rita

Custom Designed

The light rain whispered in my ear, stirring me from a full, undisturbed night of sleep in the comforting, protective arms of my soul mate.  I pulled open my heavy lids and immediately got my morning dose of love in his gaze. Every morning that I wake, no matter where or how we sleep, the […]

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