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Allow yourself to be silly

The Caw of the Wild

The mission was simple, get to the library and focus on writing while John researched net mending and jewelry making online.  We parked, and began packing the computer bag. Then it started.  Corky jumped up to the window immediately to answer the big black bird taunting him from the light post. “Caaaaaaaaaw!” “Arf!” “Caaaaaaaaaaw!” “Arf!” […]

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Dog sillhouette on tne beach

True Riches

Yesterday I finished my taxes. No surprise, right? ABSOLUTE last minute… But guess what! I qualified for all the poor people tax breaks! When I saw my final figures I laughed. Loudly. My tax guy, Jame (Yes, I spelled that correctly), smiled as I convulsed in chuckles. “Ha! $11,500 this year, huh. That’s WELL in […]

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Your Everlasting Light

Emiliana Torrini’s, Jungle Drum, is my alarm clock, so whenever I must be sure to be awake early, I am introduced to the day with “HEY! I’m in love! My fingers keep on clicking to the beating of my heart! HEY I can’t stop my feet, ebony and ivory and dancing in the streets. HEY! […]

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