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Elevated Silence

We’ve all been there. You’re stoked, you’re talking, you’re laughing, you’re waiting. Then, “Ding!” The metal doors slide open and you step into the rectangular room. Suddenly, it’s as if you are in a hostile foreign land. Nobody’s OK with making eye contact; nobody wants to speak. Everyone picks a spot on the floor, wall, […]

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A beautiful union indeed

The Art of Surprise: The Binger’s Birthday Edition: Part One

I generally shy away from the title “Artist,” simply because, well, I’ve always grown up watching my sister create amazing things with her hands, since we were children.  Sure, I get it, we are all artists inside…yeah yeah, but have you seen Rosa’s art? Have you seen her paintings? Her candles? Her drawings? It’s amazing. […]

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Simplicity Defined

Simply Living; Simply Loving

What we own, we own. There are no loans, no debt, no mortgage, no layaways, no plastic. What we have is as ours as something can be while still following the premise that nothing can truly be owned.  Having not worked since September and eating gluten free, we have plenty of reasons to not go […]

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