The Caw of the Wild

The mission was simple, get to the library and focus on writing while John researched net mending and jewelry making online.  We parked, and began packing the computer bag. Then it started.  Corky jumped up to the window immediately to answer the big black bird taunting him from the light post.





We laughed hysterically at the scene and shared a knowing glance. We stopped chuckling long enough to kiss, then broke into giggles once more.

The raven laughed back at us, “CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW!!!!

We responded in unison, twice as loud, “CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW!!!!!

The raven mocked us once more, his laughter raining down on us from his high perch.

Allow yourself to be silly

We lost control, cawing from our diaphragms, randomly, pointedly, loudly, and oddly seriously for joking back with a two and a half pound bird. I even caught myself reaching my face towards the sky on my very tip toes, “CAW!!! CAW CAW!!!” after spinning around numerous times, all while flapping my arms wildly. John was cawing right there with me, his hands folded on his belly as he bellowed deep rumbling raven laughter of his own interpretation. This went on for a while. Eventually a cyclist rolled down the sidewalk and let out a snicker of his own, nodding approval as he jumped down from his bike.

“I totally get it!” he chuckled, placing his bike into the bike rack.

We smiled and followed him into the library, hand in hand, overflowing with loving energy.

There’s simply no excuse nor explanation necessary to legitimize paying attention to your inner child!

Live, laugh, love, caw, dance!

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2 Responses to The Caw of the Wild

  1. Amber August 1, 2012 at 2:27 AM #

    This was wonderful, Rita. I am getting out of the Army in a little over a year and I realize I have fought back my inner child for 10 years (on most occasions not so successfully). I’m ready for belly laughter with the animals too. Be it birds..or even other people.

  2. Hurricane Rita August 3, 2012 at 12:59 AM #

    YES! Awesome! So stoked! Welcome (almost) to the other side of the fence!!! 😀 Let that inner child go! Do things for YOU!

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