TNT’s 72 Hours to Air Fridays


72 Hours Hurricane Rita

TNT’s new adventure show, 72 Hours, has been moved from airing Thursday nights at 9:00 to Friday nights at 10:15. That means my episode will NOT be on the 25th of July, as I before promoted.

It will be the 26th

19TH!!! Since the episodes were on Thursdays, this week’s was cancelled because of the holiday…HOWEVER….

There’s going to be one on Friday, so the rest of the episodes were bumped up!!!!


I was not told why nor did I ask, although my personal guess is the poor character development of the first episode and the amount of crying and whining in both the first and second episodes.

My “professional” opinion. 🙂

I joke.

Though…only a little.

…However, on our weekly TV excursions (we must visit Fern weekly to watch 72 Hours since we don’t own a television of our own), we’ve gawked, cringed, and shook our heads often at The Hero….and that show seems to be doing well…so…maybe that’s what entertains America.

Maybe the crying and complaining and fighting and whining is why people tune in.

What I’ve noticed in these earlier episodes is this: The weakest links on each team seemed to all claim they didn’t know what they signed up for…


Wyatt Earp’s niece falls off her horse…


Eric falls back and snaps at anyone who tries to encourage him…


So, bottom line is:

Check out Hurricane Rita: The 8.5 year wounded vet and cryptologic Chinese and Korean linguist turned ultramarathon running gypsy Alaskan river guide who had a DAMN GOOD IDEA of what she signed up for on

TNT’s 72 Hours on July 26th at 10:15 PM



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