Unlocked and Unhidden: Human Nature Revealed

I’m sitting in a closet sized structure at the moment.  There’s a screen door, a window, some shelves filled with totes, a few computers charging, two chairs, one lamp, an unused mini-fridge, and me.  I’m writing because I told myself I will not get up from this seat until I’ve written something.  I’m also writing because I’m in the rain forest, and there happens to be a TORRENTIAL downpour blessing the earth with potential for new growth outside of these four walls.

Rain cleanses.

I was debating from where to begin today’s blog. Do I continue to catch you up to our adventures here in Maui by continuing from California, or just skip ahead and talk about today?  I chose a combination of the two.  You see, today I shared a story with two of the other “workers” on the farm in the communal kitchen about life, trust, and “human nature,” and it tied in directly with the next logical blog posting anyway if I were to choose the former and “catch you up.”

I realize that the vast majority of you that will read this are sitting in front of a rectangular machine at this very moment, watching Madonna do something…sing, dance, whatever… My Facebook just flashed. Twenty-one of you just had something to say about her.  That’s fine. I probably will skip those updates. Just saying.  I’d rather listen to the rain and munch on celery.

I digress. On with the story.

Human nature is a funny thing.  Let me rephrase…what I hear other people call human nature is a funny thing.  I saw what I call human nature at Occupy Portland clearly. I’ve seen it all over the world, as a matter of fact.  I saw it when I was in need of a place to stay, when I had no food, when I needed a ride, when I needed a hug.  I’ve seen it in thirteen different countries, countless households, and many, many, many places of business. I’ve seen it in just about every person I’ve ever met, even if it has only been a glimpse in some.

I’ve seen trust used as currency, trade, rainbow, aloha, giving, loving, all of it described differently, all of it essentially the same.

This has worked for SEVEN years

Today I want to write about the picture you see to the left.  John and I found this at Swanton Berry Farms. (Read my Yelp review HERE). This is an Honor Till. Yes, it is sitting unattended on top of a counter. Yes, the sign at the bottom says: YOU PAY YOURSELF.  Yes, that’s real money. Yes, that’s somebody’s livelihood unprotected. Yes, they’ve been doing it for SEVEN years. And yes, it is much more common that people pay more than the cost than the other way around.

Interesting, isn’t it? In a time of fear and hatred, a time where money and assets reign supreme over family time and recreation, a time where television and movies have overtaken getting outside and reading books, a time where everything of value is locked up and hidden in mistrust of those in want, a time when slaughter and brutality is so mundane it doesn’t even always make the news unless it fits an agenda…this time… a business can run for seven years sitting on a major highway in a frequently traveled tourist path refusing credit cards and not monitoring payment.


Things like this make me smile. Another glimpse of human nature as I know it peaking through the most dismal, presenting tangible proof that it not only exists, but flourishes. Life is grand.

Make more eye contact. It builds love.

The rain has stopped.  Live, laugh, love, dance.



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6 Responses to Unlocked and Unhidden: Human Nature Revealed

  1. chip February 7, 2012 at 7:43 PM #

    sis you continue and amaze me in how you see life!

    i luv ya

    • sarah February 7, 2012 at 8:28 PM #

      Aurita… Madonna wasn’t on my mind at all… i was jumping from the bed to a couch with my daughter while the superbowl went on… loved that moment more than any football game… half-time show… or money could get me! ive recently been getting raw milk from a farm down the road for my daughter and they have the same… faith/trust system! i love it. it makes me feel like the people who participate… or contribute to places like these are doing something good for the world! i totally agree with this blog! loved it!

      • Hurricane Rita February 9, 2012 at 7:52 AM #

        Brilliant! I love that! Moments like those are the ones on which to focus our energies! I’m happy to hear you had a beautiful time with your daughter. That’s awesome…the trust system milk system! I was chatting with one of the other workers on the farm just the other day about her experience with a goat milk farm doing the same thing…donation based honor system. Trust is the best currency. 😀

  2. Eli February 9, 2012 at 9:13 AM #

    Human Nature is a choice. From the time we wake up each morning, we choose to be the people that we are. As human beings, we have great potential for incredible kindnesses and unspeakable cruelty. We can kill or create, laugh or cry. We choose; and it is that divine gift that allows us to see our better angels (like the honor till) or become monsters like Josh Powell. Ironically, it is this choice that people often choose not to see. We become so locked into our perceptions of the world and how life is, we don’t think it being another way. I choose to choose. One thing that is certain about Human nature is that it is a drive–a hunger, a spirit to live. Some may embrace it, some may be broken, some may soar, or others will give up and die.

  3. Susan Schlatter February 11, 2012 at 1:45 AM #

    Every day I see Gods creatures who, without 6 dedictated, underpaid, under appreciated people, would either be wandering hungry and unprotected or dead. We give all we have to these beautiful dogs, puppies, cats and kittens and are rewarded with wet nose kisses and beautiful purrs which touch our hearts the way nothing else possible could. I did this work for free for 3 years and it means no more to me that I’m paid than it did then. I would gladly do it again for free and will if I have to. Given the choice, I would rather know that my animal friends are fed and warm than that I have money for chocolate! Free hearts are a blessing, hearing them beat is beyond measure!


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