Weather Changes – Oxycodone Withdrawal Symptoms

It would be a bold faced lie if I said I felt the same as I did in September of 2012; that the Hurricane was back full force and shrugged off 3+ weeks of paralysis aside of a 6 week stay in the hospital. The truth is, I haven’t had a single day sans RIDICULOUS pain since October.

Not a single one.

Not even half of one.

Not a quarter.

Not an eighth.

A sixteenth?


That’s why today is day five of my complete rejection of Oxycodone.

Today marks the fifth consecutive day in six months that I’ve not ingested narcotics in order to stumble painfully through the day.

Why take a narcotic pain killer if you’re still in excruciating pain daily no matter what?

I’m a far cry from the woman who scoffed at NSAIDS her entire life.

Just for the record……

This is a list of the advertised Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms (let me know if you find more)…

In BOLD CAPITAL letters you’ll see the symptoms I’m experiencing…

In bold lowercase letters you’ll see the post-parasite symptoms I experience all the time and can’t necessarily be attributed to Oxycodone withdrawal:

Intense pain in the body
Excessive sweating (diaphoresis)
Muscle cramps with spasms (RIDICULOUS INCREASE!!!!)
Body chills
Goose bumps (piloerection)
Dilated pupils
Runny eye
Muscle and joint aches
Increase in body temperature

I sat up yesterday morning and after hobbling down the stairs complained, through tears, that my entire life is pain. Emotional, physical… That’s NOT normal.

I miss my sweet father’s laugh… That’s normal.

I’ve been sneezing and sniffly…. That’s NOT normal.

Every part of my body aches… That’s normal.

I’m a way over vigilant, extra scared, backseat driver… That’s NOT normal (although I have bouts with the IED and the 2 gnarly car accidents I’ve experienced this is much more intense).

My legs begin to spasm as soon as I sit down to relax in the evening… That’s normal (although they have been jumping a WHOLE LOT MORE since I stopped the Oxy).

Yesterday I ate a homemade gluten free heavenly muffin before and two strips of dried fruit after yoga. That was it for the entire day. I didn’t realize I was hungry until after 10:30PM, when John offered me a potato with a smoked salmon dip and smoked cheddar. That’s a loss of appetite for sure.

That is DEFINITELY NOT normal.

The diarrhea is almost welcomed, as a serious side effect of Oxycodone is constipation, but to be honest, after I defecate, my lower abdomen generally feels like I lost a serious bar fight.

So yeah, there are my symptoms.

Now, since I decided I wanted no more Oxycodone in my life (Saturday) I taught a Zumba class at Annville Fitness 406120_10150942799048152_1823505232_nCenter, a Masala Bhangra Class at XFitt Combatives in Lebanon, hiked around the Quittie, hiked around Chickies Rock, visited my brother Chipper in York (arrived at 4:20PM on 4/20 hehehehe), did yoga 2Xs a day 4 of the 5 days, played hard with my pups each day, visited the bald eagles’ nest 3Xs (to feel connected to Alaska), walked around Root’s Market for a few hours yesterday, and strummed poorly at the guitar for a few hours as well (Johnny McAlwaysSupportive did most of these things by my side except the strumming…he gardened).

I’m happy, but damn I’m hurting.

Since the parasite, the sensations in my body have simply changed. At one point, when the nerves decide to stop being angry, maybe they’ll shift back, but at the moment, they are completely different.

Have you ever stopped to notice how the tips of your toes feel when you put on your socks?

I don’t have a choice anymore. It’s nearly unbearable for my toes to brush the fabric.

But…when I was in the hospital, I couldn’t even bring my hands close enough to my feet to put on socks…

photo (37)

So, there’s a win.

Those of you who’ve known me in the last few years know I live to be barefoot. The feeling of soft, sweet soil between my toes is enchanting; it grounds me, brings me present. I yearn to shed my shoes and socks often.

I realized recently that the chilly morning dew on the grass that once felt like a refreshing celebration of existence now feels like daggers on the soles of my feet, even if the sun is shining its loving warmth and the rest of my body wants to celebrate.

But…once the grass dries and becomes warm, it’s heavenly…and I CAN FEEL the soothing energy of the earth on my soles and soul.

So, there’s another win.

My legs feel like mile 40 of 50…perpetually.  There’s rarely relief.

But…I can run at mile 40 of 50. I’ve seen that pain before.  It was different but the same in a way.

Yet another win.

So, no…I’m not exactly the same as I was 6 months ago, but who would want to be the same person they were in the past when there’s growth to be had?

I wasn’t juicing 1-2Xs a day 6 months ago.

I wasn’t doing yoga 1-2Xs a day 6 months ago.

I wasn’t babying close to 50 starts for our garden 6 months ago.

Win. Win. Win.

The weather has changed, but only slightly, as the brute force of the Hurricane’s passion remains in tact.

photo (149)Speaking of passion, my first 5K is coming in a week and a half! I’m going to run the Dirty Girl Mud Run!!!! (Check it out!) It’s an untimed obstacle course 5K that is women only! How freakin’ awesome! I’m doing it with some of the coolest chicks PA has to offer! (Stay tuned for pictures)

Who knows, maybe I will be seeing my friends at the Ft. Clinch 100 next year! 🙂

So the bottom line is this:

I’m off Oxycodone.

I’m in pain.

I’m experiencing some Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms, but not the worst of them.

I love life. I’m still loving movement.

And you should expect a new and improved Hurricane to hit your city, soon!




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9 Responses to Weather Changes – Oxycodone Withdrawal Symptoms

  1. Eileen and Rene April 25, 2013 at 3:30 AM #

    Right on sister good to hear your off oxy…… I had lung cancer Lung cancer! Just seeing the word is scare. When my Dr. told me I had lung cancer just couldn’t believe it. I am not the smoker Rene was. I hate the smell of cig smoke. Sure when I was young I had a few smokes for some reason didn’t get caught in the habit. Thank you God! My Dr. made light of it, as I headed to Oahu Moana Loa Kaiser Hospital. Cancer is a busy disease, from Nov to Jan 22 I made 11 trips, learning each time their nothing light about having Cancer, I met many people that life are forever changed. Surgery Jan 22 my stomach in knobs and my Daughter Daniele at my side.
    The plan was to remove only the top right lung, in the recovery room found out they took ¾ of my right lung, close up air passage that had cancer. They got all the cancer, for that I am blessed still the heavy wt not knowing if I had to do Chemo. Two weeks later I was release from the hospital, still in a lot of pain but home. Dr. instruction were 3 things walk, cough and eat. Eating to be the hardest I lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks, The heart felt love of friends started bring food. It was good food, I started eating, the food kept coming, I kept eating. If not for this food my recovery would have been longer and harder. Thank you for all the time, energy and money getting me back to health. The prayers, cards, e-mails, gifts, visits . I could cry, so very honor and blessed to stay in Hana where we care for each other. Million Mahalo’s to each one of you!!!
    Cancer is a silent disease. I felt fine, riding my bike 10 mile feeling the best health ever. One night in June, I felt a pain in my chest that wouldn’t go away. Thinking I was having a heart attack called Daniele who drove like a wild women to Maui Memorial hospital. Heart patience gets right in front of the line. They did an EKG “No you’re not having a heart attack”. They kept me the night, told me take Ibuprofen it worked the pain went away. In November around Thanksgiving the pain came back. I called my Dr. said to come for a CAT scan. Nurses called on a Saturday ask if I could come in on Sunday. I just came back was not wild about driving back over ask if she could just call me Sunday. In the private of my home she broke the news that I had Lung Cancer.
    On Feb 15 I got the best valentines’ gift ever. NO CHEMO or Radiations . I am back!!!!!! Thank you GOD and to All the Hana People. MAHALO!
    My goal is to keep riding my bike in training for 500 mile bike ride across Iowa my home state, with my 1 ¼ lung. I can do this. Love you girl hang in there. The first thing I did was get off drug, I had to heal, today I rode my bike 10 miles. Nice Hana day…… Sending lots of Aloha Eileen……

    • Hurricane Rita April 25, 2013 at 3:51 PM #

      Wow! What an awesome story! Eileen, I knew you were special when I met you! I’m so glad John and I had the opportunity to work with you, Rene, and Danielle! If you guys ever need help on the farm and wouldn’t mind two really awesome, well behaved jack russell terriers hanging out with the “chicken eatin’ dog,” we’re looking for a direction to go this winter!

  2. baristabarb April 25, 2013 at 4:40 AM #

    Rita, Amazing story. I have a friend who experienced mysterious nerve pain after a life-threatening bout with a virus. She discovered the pain went away when she drank distilled/RO water (almost anything bottled by Coke or Pepsi). Neurologist has no explanation, but it has been true for a couple of years now. Something to try.

    • Hurricane Rita April 25, 2013 at 3:53 PM #

      Wow, really Coke or Pepsi products…hmmm…funny thing…we’re over here juicing non gmo verified, organic fruits, and what might help is a Pepsi product! hahaha. We’ll try it! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. April 25, 2013 at 7:21 PM #

    Atta girl Rita! You are an inspiration to me!

  4. DIana B April 26, 2013 at 2:59 AM #

    With you it is ALWAYS SUNNY even when it’s raining (or, um…drizzling haha) – Your SUNNY outlook is inspiring, and I am rejoicing in your “wins” and your ability to see and appreciate them!


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