Romance Before Hallmark

Romance Aurita-Maldonado and John-BingerWe are beginning our Romance Before Hallmark series as an illustration of the beautiful moments that can be found in a day between two people that involve no money.  In essence, Budget Romance.  Get out of the malls and into nature.  Put distance between yourself and the clubs and get far into the music of the night.  Get away from your television and into the pouring rain. Jump in puddles, feel your toes squish in soft mud, stand naked in a rain shower, sit in silence and watch a sunrise.  (Watch children, they know what to do!)

Our ultimate goal is simply to encourage people to get up, get out, and get inspired to trust.  We want you to consider your instant judgements and your jaded natural responses: where they’ve come from and if you truly want them.  We want you to love openly, travel freely, and embrace your life and your circumstances, but most importantly, to enjoy your journey and love yourself, and realize that every single day is full of moments where you can choose to be positive and open.

By simply sharing short blips of our romantic moments, John and I hope to  encourage your imagination.  Get rid of your Disney driven notions of romance. Drop the Hallmark pushed pretense that the most romantic man must give you dying, overdrugged, overpriced flowers, a card with somebody else’s words, and an assortment of sweets aside a lifeless stuffed bear holding a plushy satin heart.  Forget Valentine’s Day as a celebration of your love and embrace every single day as an opportunity to share romance in a way that can be recalled.  Stop relying on gift giving as an expression of togetherness.  Share things that matter instead.

How many of you remember what you received for your birthday this year?  Mine was only 3 months ago, and I honestly can’t  (of course it’s so close to Christmas that I forget which gifts were given and when). Do something unique! Get outside and LIVE! Get active and SHARE!

Read on, Storm Trackers, and enjoy Romance Before Hallmark.