The Wonders of Fun – Doing What YOU Want

Newsflash:  No matter whether or not you want to admit it, there is a social stigma against doing what you want to do.  I’m not sure when it begins to take effect…maybe sometime pre-teen.  It’s in the discouraging words of observers; the adults that tell you what you’re supposed to want; the jokes on the people who are happy in the mornings.  It’s in the snooty looks of wall flowers, the mocking glances of nay sayers. It’s everywhere.

It’s everywhere you allow it to be.

Do you remember the unadulterated excitement that came naturally in childhood with every new discovery?  Or running, jumping, playing, and dancing? Making forts, jumping rope, moving?  The simple wonder of fun for the sole purpose of …fun?

72 Hours TNT Show - Rita

Do you remember having an impatience for sitting still or being indoors, and wanting to explore? If you do, have you dared ask yourself when was the last time you catered to it and fed it? Did you simply stop without noticing, gradually and uneventfully, or do you know the exact instant you chose to make the conscious decision?

When was the last time that you allowed yourself to get so excited that you surprised yourself with an involuntary skip?

This series is dedicated to feeding the silent hunger to throw off the proverbial chains.  Tell society no, denying yourself the simple pleasures of childish wonder and enjoyment, whether it’s something as simple as dancing in the middle of the street and celebrating your social senselessness or playing tag in the park barefoot.

Get dirty!afghan girl

Walk in the mud!

Laugh with children!

Watch how they play.

Stop to really see things.

Run when you are excited.

Dance when you feel the inspiration.

No matter where.

No matter when.

Are you neglecting your inner child?

We are going to try to inspire you to never do that again, to embrace the little hurricane within, and to love yourself enough to not only let it run free but to nourish its growth as well.

Read on, Storm Watchers, and allow yourselves to keep an open mind to The Wonders of Fun!