Wherever You Go, There You Are : Positivity is a Choice

I’ve heard this saying for many, many years, from several sources. (If you’re interested in a slightly entertaining list of “I first heard it HERE” check this out). I’ve tried travel on for size, experiencing 49 states and 14 countries. I went places. I was places. I felt present in those places. It was a fantastic reminder to always be kind, remember my blessings, recognize the tiny details of my surroundings including the people with which I’ve crossed paths, and appreciate what I had in my life no matter my location or situation.

I was reminded of this in a big way yesterday as my lover and were I were standing blissfully a splotch of warm sun after having hiked out of a chillier shaded area by the creek. Every time when I feel the sun on my neck against a biting chill, I remember my many military mornings and how much joy I drew from the warmth of the sun after a freezing night outside. It was always such a drastic improvement from the cold night.

A bit or relief.

I clung to that slight change in temperature as an escape from reality then as I cling to warmth as an escape from the pain caused by nerve damage now.

Lately, I guess I’ve had my own version of travel.

Wherever you go, there you are can also refer to your state of health.

Sometimes that limitation involves your own body. It is your choice to be positive no matter in what state you find yourself.

hurricane rita rat lungworm

Before you find yourself taking your health for granted this holiday season or lamenting that your situation is as it is, remember…Positivity is a choice.

Here or there, this way or that, you ARE.



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