Your Everlasting Light

Emiliana Torrini’s, Jungle Drum, is my alarm clock, so whenever I must be sure to be awake early, I am introduced to the day with “HEY! I’m in love! My fingers keep on clicking to the beating of my heart! HEY I can’t stop my feet, ebony and ivory and dancing in the streets. HEY! It’s ’cause of yoooouuuuu!”  I can’t help but smile when I hear this song nor can I help singing along.

Most times I sing to John, pointing at him and puckering my lips and squeezing my eyes tight on the “Yoooouuuuu!” I think he enjoys it…though he does smile and shake his head at me at the same time. Whatever that’s supposed to mean.

This particular morning we were to wake at 6:00 AM in preparation for our day of harvesting food in the jungle (this is considered work!!! HA!) The energy of the new day slipped into my soul suddenly with a metallic blast of music pushed through my 14th century tank of a phone’s tiny speakers, “HEY! I’m in love!” There was much puckering of lips and tight squeezing of eyes to be had. He smiled and shook his head, but I think he enjoyed it. 😀

I threw on my Five Fingers and ran.  I welcomed the burn in my quads and felt the familiar, invisible weight strapped onto each ankle, reminding me of the life surging in my veins, and the lactic acid, too.  I grinned.  I skipped. I leaped.  I breathed. I laughed in the honey morning light.  The sun smiled sleepily at me from her nest of gold rimmed clouds; a beautiful, personal greeting from her soul to mine.

Rainbow over yurt

Mother Maui lightly kissed the farm with a cool mist, and as if in affirmation of our Universal connection, a rainbow appeared above the yurt on the upper reaches of the property.

Sunrise from the kitchen

I jumped up and down several times, giggling to myself yelling, “RAAAAIIIINNNNBBBOOOWWW! RAAAAIIIINNNNBBBOOOWWW!!!!” to anyone that cared to listen.  When it was time to move I found myself incapable of walking. I skipped my way to the communal kitchen cabin, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.  I watched the sun boldly lift her rays through a towering tree to reach my face like a warm welcoming stretch to greet the possibilities of a new day.

Light danced playfully on dew drops that rested lightly on the taught support of a spider web like tiny diamonds on a delicate collar bone. The artist sat in the center of her masterpiece, a reflection of peace, pride, and perfection. Life is beautiful.

The drive up to the pohole field was incredible, and rocky, as always.  The sun was clear eyed and excited to shine, to show us Hana’s beauty. It warmed us as we watched the reflection on the ocean from the back of the beat up red pickup truck.

HEY!!! I ‘m in love!

I love my life! I jumped from the truck, headphones properly in place, shoulders already shimmying.  I skipped into the shoulder high pohole.  I sang, danced, picked, hip thrusted, sang, popped, locked, and laughed.  I packed out 35 lbs of the young ferns by the end of the day.  It was incredible.

Within the first hour, the clouds rushed in, the sky opened up, and Mother Maui dumped buckets of rain on us.  I couldn’t help but stop, mouth open, face to the sky, and allow it to infiltrate my spirit. Fat drops of cool rain splattered on my forehead, eyelids, lips, slipping down my jawline, under my hood, behind my ears, and onto my collarbone, sending sweet chills down my spine.  The mud collected water in deep puddles, covering my Five Fingers with cool gooey goodness. I wiggled my toes in the squishy earth.  The clouds moved on, and the sun came over the trees after the valiant fight right as the words, “Can’t you see, it’s shining just for you!!!! Loneliness is over, dark days are through!!!” came through my headphones.

Then I put down my bag of pohole and jumped into a freshly created puddle. I splashed around a bit, giggling to myself as I recognized the tell tale signs of being where you are supposed to be doing what you are meant to be doing. Satisfied with playing in the puddle, I picked the bag back up and continued singing and dancing while harvesting power food in the jungle. (Imagine me doing everything Emiliana Torrini does but with red hot Latin Hurricane Rita flavor, singing into pohole instead of leaves [Which in NO way implies it would be better…just different]) 🙂

We were finished with everything in time for me to take my weekly shower, treat my hair with coconut oil, and still casually walk to the Art Barn in town for Awakening Vibrations (Ecstatic Dance).  We decided dancing by candlelight for two hours would be a perfect way to end a perfect day.

The rain let up for our walk/hitchhike to town. We were picked up within a quarter mile of leaving the farm.  We sat under an awning watching the pouring rain that resumed only after we had adequate shelter.  After an hour of waiting for the dance to start it was decided that it would not be happening. We walked in and met Treeanna, who was doing some yoga in the corner. We chatted for a bit, exchanging stories, and talked excitedly about dance and light with two beautiful soul named You? and Julie, who showed up a few minutes later.

John and You? made a connection outside and remained chatting while the excitement took over the ladies.

We danced. Wildly. No candles. Just lights. Music. Love. Happiness.

We danced, shook, jumped, laughed, spun, and in some cases, tripped.

We danced, sweated, rolled, popped, and moved.

It was perfect. We loved movement. We loved ourselves. In turn, we loved the Universe.

We let ourselves embrace the moment, and soon we had lost all track of time.

That was my version of ecstatic dance. Beautiful. Real. Well lit. and still…reaching the state of an ecstatic being.

Life coursing hungrily through veins, impressed by movement.

It. Was. Spectacular.

John and I walked down the road with giant grins on our faces.  We walked hand in hand recounting the past day, laughing, and enjoying one another.  Headlights rose in the distance, and our thumbs shot out.  We jogged up to the truck that pulled over for us, and there was Eileen, our Wwoofer host and friend, looking out at us from the driver seat.

We jumped into the back of the pickup and rode, smiling, exchanging excited glances, laughing at our fortune.

He said in slow, deliberate wonder, eyes bright, and grinning from ear to ear, “God, we are SOOOO ALIVE!!!!!”

I met his eyes and felt his energy in every ounce of my being, past, present, and future.

“Yes, we are.”

The car slid sharply to the left as I held his loving glance.

“Oh shit!” We resituated ourselves and felt a little less invincible, “We were almost soooo NOT ALIVE!”

We laughed at Mother Maui’s gentle reminder that tomorrow’s not guaranteed, and I moved to huddle in the warmth of John’s arms.

We are a reflection of our surroundings. Love yourself, and the Universe will love you with its everlasting light.

It’s quite a fair trade.

“Can’t you see? It’s shining just for you!!?!”

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6 Responses to Your Everlasting Light

  1. Mom March 5, 2012 at 11:39 PM #

    Love it!!! <3

  2. sarah March 6, 2012 at 10:01 PM #

    Aurita… that was so discriptive and literal chills krept up from my toes to the tippy of my head… like a forcefield around me– saying to myself, “ahhh, there is a hope for my future! I can not wait to meet John and can not wait to see, catch up… and learn so much from you! Mother Maui here I come.. plEEAAse embrace me with love… as I find love in me again!

    How do I share this story with every/anybody I know!!!??? B . E . A . UTIFUL!

  3. Hurricane Rita March 7, 2012 at 5:23 PM #

    Click the Facebook Icon, or just take the web address and share it!!!!! YAY! I’m so excited for your journey, Sarah! Thank you!


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